Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gnarly Dicked Dad Returns

He returned.  The gnarly dicked married man.

He said he would.  He would message me if he could, and said it would be with 2-3 others, and he'd let them all use my mouth.

Granted, that is a hot as fuck scenario, on paper, let alone in real life.  One hears about these things, but I'm not quite sure how that conversation goes between a married "straight" dad and other men, some straight, some not.

I want to hear the intro, see the expressions - is it lust, disbelief, amazement?  I want to hear the trash talk about such a person (me) and hope to fuck that there is some.  Is that so wrong?

As it turns out, the person he brought with him - yes only one this time - was someone I have already sucked off before.  I suppose, given my track record and the finite number of men in town, this shouldn't come a a huge surprise - and it really didn't.  To me or to the feeder.  I wasn't sure (until later) if the Gnarly Dicked Dad (GDD) knew at this point.

Both showed up at the exact time, making me think they met somewhere and followed one another.

GDD went to use the rest room.  Immediately, I started to remove the belt and unbuckle the other married man's pants.  By the time GDD returned, I was on my knees, mouthing the mound of black briefs in front of me.  GDD looked on - supervising.

"Pull his briefs down....all the way down..."  I did. with my teeth.

"Suck him.  Take him all."  I did.  Without teeth.

I did a good job sucking my repeat married man.  But I was pulled off, as I was expected to be at some point.

When GDD walked back into the room, he never refastened his pants, so his big, fat 8"er was out.  "Just the head", I was instructed.  It's all I put in my mouth.  I did nothing else. It seemed he liked to direct, so I didn't take liberties on what I wanted to do with my lips and tongue - let alone mouth and throat.

"That looks good", said the other guy.   "Yeah, he's a fucking dirty cocksucker", came the reply.   "Suck it".

Then there was the hip shove and I was orally impaled on his cock.  There was chatter back and forth between the two, but nothing I remember of significance.

The married guy sat in a chair and I was told to go back to sucking his dick.  I did.  I went at it with gusto, as this didn't appear to be, nor told to be, an edging session.  After a few minutes, married guy pushed me off as he got too close too soon.

I can dig that.

I went back to GDD. I worked that big shaft and big head. He had me go to his balls - which are a really nice size. Apparently he likes it nice and light - surprisingly for a such a big butch man, but I respected his wishes and backed off a bit.

He fucked my face. I took it.

"Oh that's good.  That looks good".    "Yeah, this cocksucker knows what he's doing"....was the back and forth.  I know I've said it before, but I love when guys talk about me like I'm not even there.  I feel like such a thing and not a person.  This works though.

I got pushed off GDD and pushed back onto the married guy.  I went to work.

This time there was no stopping me....or him.   In a matter of minutes he began giving the verbals that he was close. No one told me to stop, so I kept on going.

The release was slow but consistent.  At first I wasn't even sure he was going to cum, as the flow didn't match his moans.  But it came....and came....and came.  The slow flood that filled my mouth.

"SWALLOW his load".

I get that some guys might not, so I get the directive.  But while I like to be fucking told this, I don't need to be.  I'm going to to swallow the seed.   And I did.

For good measure - and I always do this too - I stayed on the cock and cleaned it off.  I cleaned it longer and more than I should, but that was mostly for show, to both of them.

Married guy sat back, catching his breath, and I made a show of swallowing too.

GDD sat in the other chair and pointed to his cock. Down I went.   Married dude sat and watched, commenting on how big GDD's cock was and how far down on it I was.  I made a show of that too. Hey, a guy's gotta sell himself.

GDD leaned back in the chair, his head went back too and his eye closed.  Lord knows who or what he was thinking of, but most likely it wasn't me.

I was told to 'make it wetter' and I did with natural mouth lubrication. It got to the point that there was spit on his shaft, in his pubes and on my beard.  It might sound unappealing to some, but it was a wet hot blowjob.

There was some talk about my skills during between the two but I paid little mind, though his one comment to the married guy was, "it feels just like my wife's pussy".

That made me bone hard.  I took it as a compliment, knowing that big cock had been in his wife and produced enough kids to fill that Ford Flex he drove up.

"Tighten up your fucking mouth".  I did. I tried.  But after 30 minutes of sucking or so and on two nice dicks, the elasticity in the lips has given out some.  I sucked more and more.  I got my face fucked more and more by a man sitting in a chair pushing my head onto his penis.

I could hear the guy behind start to dress while still remaining seated.  But he watched and ooh'd and ahhh'd .

The GDD stood up and pushed me over.  "Get on your fucking back".

I did.

He decided to finish off the last 20 seconds with his hand - maybe to control his orgasm better, or maybe because I wasn't doing a good enough job.  Fuck, I hope it was the former.

"Please come in my mouth".   I really didn't want it to go over my chest or the carpet.

He was a good 18-24" away from me and with pretty good aim, squirted 3-4 strong shots directly into my awaiting mouth.  The next 2-4 went on my lips and in my beard.

"OHHHHH my god" said the married dude.   "That is awesome".

More cum came from the dick.  But married dude stayed until that and excused himself and fled.

GDD looked down on me with disdain.  I like that.

As he exited the room to straighten up, I grabbed my phone and took a few pics.

If that much went on the face, more went in my mouth.

Well ALL of it eventually went in my mouth.  GDD came back to see me licking it clean, "I assumed you would" was his comment to me as he watched.

"So, you've sucked that guy before.  With as many as you do - do you even remember him?".  I remember almost all my feeders, but why tell him that.  It was a statement to humiliate me and I let him have it.

He left me there telling me he'd be back again, this time with 2-3 guys, if I behaved.

The married guy contacted me later almost apologizing for GDD - thinking he was rude and arrogant to me.  I didn't know how to tell married guy that I got off on that - assuming it might freak him out a little, since he was not pleased with GDD's behavior.

So until next time......and I am hoping there is a next time.   ....and 2-3 additional guys.

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hairycub said...

I get off reading that you are called a fucking dirty cocksucker as well.