Friday, February 14, 2014

Magic Tongue

It had been a while.  For me. For us.

I'm not 100% sure he remembers ever fucking me - as it had been years before. I've seen him on-line since, and I'm sure he's seen me too, on any number of sites or apps.

I remembered him, but I remember the sex being fair. Not horrible, but not great.

Since it had been a while for me - to get fucked, that is - I reached out with a 'wink' of some kind. You know - the non-committal acknowledgement that you're checking out his profile and kind of waiting for him to make the actual first move.

Some guys hate "winks". I don't mind them - getting or giving. It's a litmus test. It's extremely passive-aggressive and with some guys you kind of want that. You want them to be into you, because you're not sure you're into them, at all.

It sucks being rejected by someone you aren't even sure you're really that interested in the first place.

That said, he replied back and was looking to fuck - at some point. We went through the dance of our schedules for weeks. Honestly, I was looking forward to it because he wanted to fuck. Not flip-fuck. Not versatile.

He. Wanted. To. Fuck.

On a cold, dark night, I found his place. Though I remembered the general area, just not the specific house. I had also forgotten about the plethora of female religious iconography.  I'm assuming Virgin Mary stuff - but not being from that religious persuasion, it's hard to be sure.  I mean, there was a LOT of it. Everywhere.

But up we went to a bedroom. Clothes were discarded. Bodies were touched.

Before long I went to my knees to show him my skills as a cocksucker. He seemed to be appreciative. But we both knew that wasn't the end-game for either of us.

Soon, I was on the edge of his bed. My legs hanging over the edge, him between. For sure I thought he was going to suck me, as he told me after I got his load, he wanted to suck mine. So I know he thought himself a cocksucker.

But he pushed my legs back. His tongue went for my ass.

It is safe to say, that in my lifetime, I've had my ass eaten countless times.

Now the definition of 'countless' is: "too many to count". Where that might be a slight exaggeration, no one has been keeping tally over the years, but suffice to say it's been a fuck of a lot of times.

And it's also safe to say, I have never ever ever ever ever had such a talented tongue touch my pucker.

Whatever he was doing to me down there, is what I'm guessing was equivalent of getting a woman to cum by eating her out. The tremors that shook my body to the core and then head to toe and back again were amazing.

Now and again, when a guy licks (not sucks) my balls just right, for the first minute or two, I get similar feelings, but usually I desensitize quickly. Same with most ass-eatings.

NOT with this guy.  I was having non-ejaculating butt orgasms one after the other. It was fucking heaven.

I think he went on doing that for 10 minutes. I'm not sure if he enjoyed doing it as much as I was enjoying having it done, but I hope so. I hope my groans and swearing  - and writhing - were motivators for him.

Of course, maybe he was just prepping the entrance for himself.

Without any big set-up, he stood.  He had 7.5" with a big fucking head. He put one a little lube, but not much. My hole was prepped - he had seen to that. Even more important, my head was now in a place of needing penetration and it was attached to my ass that was still reeling in joy over that eating.

That fat head parted through my hole like a hot knife into butter.  He just sank into me. First the head - then the rest of the shaft. Bottoming out in one full, complete stroke.

The man knew how to fuck. I had forgotten that - or he got better over the years. He put me through my paces, really fucking me, hard and not, fast then slow.

Granted, I goaded him a little. Even asking him if he was going to pull out before coming.

He almost sneered, telling me how he had no intention of ever pulling out - that's not what his cock is for, that is not what his load was for.

And while I knew that, it was how he said it that boned me up even more.

The guy fucked me for a good 30 minutes. And it was a GOOD half hour.  Oddly, there wasn't a big finish. No vocal warm-ups or announcements.

Yes, there was a look in his eyes. And then the squeezed eyes as he popped off up my ass. A big load. You know the ones you can just tell?

Eventually he slipped out, as I wouldn't let him just pull out. You know me - I like to keep it there.

We said we'd do it again. Soon. But it's been weeks now. Though we keep trying to find time in our schedules.

He never did blow me.  They never do - no matter what they say.


Anonymous said...

What was his rimming technique? Give me some advice...

CoolTop said...

Beautiful. A bottom who appreciates having his ass eaten out like that is a true gift from God. I get to fuck such bottoms twice: one diffuse, eyes-closed fuck with the tongue and, truth be told, when we're really into it, my whole face; and then a focused, eye-to-eye piercing with my bone. My ass is useless so I'm always amazed at the pleasure guys like you can take in having it done… but the opportunity it gives me to commune with your ass that way before I plow it is priceless.

Anonymous said...

great story
well told
thank you