Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Man Possessed

After I did that photo shoot a few weeks back, I had only made it to my car before getting hit up by a fuzzy bearish guy three miles away.

I'd seen him on certain apps and he was ok. He gave me the address and I paused for a few.

I had been fucking with his next door neighbor for a while and I was just like - wow - I'm racking them up, right in a row. Literally. But I knew the neighbor was out of town and off I went.

He had left the door open for me and I found him upstairs at a desk watching porn on his laptop. Naked.

Not a word said as I went to my knees, sucked his ok 6.5" thin cock and swallowed his load. That was that. Three loads in an hours time.

But now it's weeks later. I'm getting into my car at the park after just having sucked off that sub guy. Lo and behold who is hitting me up but Fuzzy.

I was still in the mood for more cum, so why not?  Actually, I still had a raging hard-on from the park suck. I think I actually turned myself on by all the nasty things I was saying to him and how I treated him. I'm not patting myself on the back, but I have learned a thing (or a thousand) from the men I've serviced. Some more than others.

Once again, the door was unlocked.  Once again, he was upstairs watching porn on his laptop. Naked.

I took a nice hit of poppers then hit my knees and started sucking him.

He was way more into the porn than was seemingly into me. But if you've been around, you get a few of those. It's ok - I wasn't looking for stimulating conversation or a date.  I kind of would like the guy to notice my skills and what I'm doing, but maybe it's the porn that gets them off and that the mouth is just a place to dump the load.

On the vid, the top was fucking his office "intern" with a dildo nice and hard.  I asked the guy if he liked that.  ....but meaning that he'd like to be fucking the guy - not getting fucked.

"Eat my ass" was his response.

So he got on his chair, bent over the desk, exposing his tight little pink pucker to me. I dove in.

He was pretty much shower fresh - outside and in.  Oh yes, I said 'in'.  My tongue went deep....deep... and deeper. I ate that hole like I was fucking starving. He responded in kind.

The guy pushed back against my face, forcing my tongue deeper.  The way his hole accepted my tongue, I knew this wasn't his first time.  Or 101st time. His ass had seen more than tongue in its day.

Maybe it was the park encounter - and my pseudo dominant display. Maybe it was his ass.  Maybe it was the video playing, which now had the stud pulling the dildo out and replacing it with his raw cock. But I was rock solid hard.  I just kind of lost control.  No idea what came over me.

While taking mini-second breaks for ass eating, I kept spitting into my hand and slicking my cock up. Five, six, seven times.

He never asked for it. I never asked if he did.

I stood up and pushed my cock into his asshole.  It went in willingly. Oh so willingly.

Now - you know topping is really not my thing, but here I was with my bare cock buried in his ass. And he was now pushing back.

And I'm not a top for many reasons. The main one is mentally I'm not one - and even when I try, my brain and the neurons to my cock are not hooked up in that capacity. So staying hard is always a challenge.  That day?  Not so much.

Another reason is, I have little control.  When bottoming, I don't care if I ever cum. As a rule, I don't jack off for weeks at a time. I just don't care about cumming.  But when fucking, I don't know how to pace myself.

I'm sure with experience I could control the latter, but the former is the bigger issue. I can never seal the deal usually - nor do want to most of the time.

He did ask me to pull out and I complied. But he only wanted to move to the bed, so he knelt on the edge - a softer place than a desk chair.  He positioned himself like he had taken it this way numerous times. Numerous, numerous times.

I slicked myself up and went back in.  He took it like a pro.

My cock is not small, nor thin, so that he took it with ease meant he had as many visitors as his next door neighbor....just on the receiving end.

I was vocal about my being close - on a few times.  I stopped moving, but then he'd start fucking himself on my rod. And fuck, this boy could use his ass muscles to squeeze a shaft.  It was clear, he didn't want me to hold off. He wanted the prize. The load. My load.

The fucker was teasing my cock and knew I wasn't going to be able to hold off. He never asked for it directly, but he didn't tell me to stop. He didn't ask a lot of things, now that I come to think of it. But that's the way sex is, isn't it?  

It's all about the moment.

I really couldn't hold off, even though I was only about eight minutes into the fuck. I was at the finish line whether I liked it or not.

No big announcement from me, but somehow he knew.

I'm not like the porn guys who continue to fuck through their orgasm. I bury deep and unload.

Maybe he figured that out. Maybe he felt it throb.  Maybe he felt it shooting.  I don't know. I didn't ask. I didn't give a fuck.

But he knew. And that motherfucker continued to milk me with his professional ass muscles. He was going to get every drop regardless of what I thought or wanted.  But I'm not that sensitive after shooting, so I don't have to pull right out.  I let him do his job.

The aftermath is what you'd expect. A swipe of the towel on my cock - though he was remarkably clean, like he was planning on someone fucking him. Anyone.

Me pulling up my jeans, which never actually came off. A thanks and a trip down the stairs by myself.

I bet a large amount of money, he went back on-line looking for his next conquest, as he never stroked or got off.  He was looking for another dick - I just know it.

Of course, the next day, I got a message from him asking when I'd like to 'eat his ass' again.  But we all know that not what he was wanting from me.


Bruce Chang said...

To my surprise, the man that was possessed was you! Hot!

Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Extremely HOT, HOT post. Reading at work with a very hard cock! I totally get off on the completely "no strings fuck sessions" like this one. He definitely knew what he wanted and you certainly gave it to him. Can you imagine being the next one in his sloppy hole?