Monday, February 10, 2014

Red Hot Photo Shoot

A short while back, I was asked if I would be interested in posing for a nudist magazine. It was an interesting request.

I have no issues being nude, but I wound never call myself a nudist. At home, in the best of weather, you're likely to find me in shorts and a t-shirt, even if I am going commando. I wasn't sure how it would work.

I won't get too specific into what I was wearing and how it came off. I won't get into some of the accessories that were there, except one: whipped cream was a prop. It wasn't well used and possibly won't make any final pictures - again, if they happen at all.

But this was a nudist magazine, not a sex magazine. So if you're expecting sexual activity, there isn't any. Sorry in advance. At least not on film. Hell, being erect on camera wasn't even required....and for the most part I am not.

I felt I could have been - even should have been, but I'm never fully erect.

This wasn't a truly amateur shoot. There were back drops. There was professional lighting. The camera was a fucking pricey one. There were reflective screens that would make my palate look whiter or more gold - and these were held by an assistant.  I say not professional, as no one got paid and this was neither of their real careers.

Both men were handsome and similar in stature. 6'-ish. Athletic and muscular builds. A nice amount of chest hair, but not overly done. Both bald...of shaved head.  I had actually seen the assistant on-line years ago and lusted after him greatly, but he disappeared. I also assumed he wouldn't know me from Adam. But when I arrived he said, "we've chatted before in the past".  I'm not sure if that was a good impression or not, but he remembered.

The studio was smallish and the lights made it warm - even in various stages of undress. Over 400 pictures were taken - so let's hope SOME of them were decent.

Near the end of the shoot, the photographer came up to adjust me and leaned in to kiss me. He did it well. Enough to get me a little harder for the rest of the shoot. Now and again, he'd come back to kiss me as his assistant looked on.

At the end of the shoot, I was completely naked. He put the camera down, killed the lights, walked up to me and kissed me again, while also unfastening his pants and letting them drop. I wasted little time going to my knees and helping him out.

He let out an appreciative moan as his 7" cock disappeared down my throat. He towered above me, a hand going to my head while I sucked his dick.

At some point the photographer motioned for his assistant to come over and join - and he did, stripping his clothes off as he approached. He too had about 7".

I went back and forth between the two guys and their meat, as they stood side by side.

Off to the side was the can of whipped cream. With a reach of my arms, I was filling my mouth with a hefty dose of canned cream. Within a few seconds, the photographer was plunging his dick into a pile of cream and a warm mouth. He moaned more than he had before.

He took the can and sprayed a line down the top of the shaft of the assistant. I then went down on him.

The mouthful of cream felt weird. It felt good. It seems they liked the sensation too. Truth be told, it was a little too sweet for me to continue much longer, but I cleaned them both up until it was just my mouth and just their cocks.

I went back to sucking.

The assistant stepped back, knelt and went down on my cock while I was still on my knees sucking the photog.

As hot as that was, you know I don't need, or even want, to get sucked most of the time. It feels nice and all - and he was doing a great job - but that's not exactly what gets me off. So I pulled off the photog's cock and got below the guy who was below me.

While we kind of ended up in a 69 position, I was under him so I could get to his ass. His perfectly formed hairless ass.

While I was loving it, I couldn't tell for sure if he was into that, though he didn't try to stop me. But it proved to be a huge turn-on the photographer. He jacked a bit while he watched and it started sending him over the edge.

Due to my being under another guy, it was hard to maneuver out in a timely manner. I missed the first few shots of his load - and while it landed on me, I didn't swallow all.  A hot scene, but you know I hate to lose the load.

With some of his cum on my face, arms and chest (and some in my mouth), I went back to the assistant's balls and ass. He asked when I wanted the load. I said I can take it whenever he was ready. The assistant informed me he was known for being able to "cum on command".

The photographer told him to cum now. And he did. While hovering an inch or two above my mouth, he let loose with a great load of jizz.  Yeah, some went in my beard, but most went into my mouth and slid down my throat.

Then I cleaned them both off.

Before I could get ready to go, they did want to see me cum. Since I was kind of their guest star, I felt a little obliged. So I jacked my cock as the photog just fingered my ass. I blew a huge load that hit my chin and of course trailed down from there.

They let me shower before I dressed to go home. Normally I wouldn't, but I was pretty messy and sweaty from the lights. The assistant showered too and I just regret not stepping in with him.

Maybe next time.

I've been invited back for another shoot in April.

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Tannedmusc said...

What a hot, hot story !!!...
I found your blog not too long ago, after reading another blog...LOVE IT !!!
Please keep posting...grin.
Hope all is well..