Thursday, March 20, 2014

Black For More

The big black cock came back the next day.  Just like I said - he called the next day, asked if I knew who it was and wanted another meet-up.

He has 9+", who the fuck was I to say "no"?

This time I was ready with the lube, the poppers and the plug. I wasn't assuming we'd do the same thing, but better to be ready than scramble at the last minute.

He walked in like he owned the place. He was familiar now. With me. With the space. Though in reality he wasn't that familiar, he had the confidence to act like he did.  That's just as important.

All his clothes came off this time, except his hat, glasses and chains around his neck. Don't ask me why, but I hope he never takes off those - they make him look hot and confident in that way.

That big black stick was shaking in the wind. Hanging there so long, so heavy. Waiting to fill up with blood so it could become rigid.

Of course I helped him along.

I knelt and took that massive pole in my hand. Even soft, he was bigger than most guys are when erect - in length and girth.  He responded to the touch - as he started thickening and straightening. He grew to full size as it went into my mouth.

"Girls find it easier to take if their heads hang off the bed", he said. The implication was clear.

Soon, I was taking it all the way down, but not without a struggle. Not without my air being cut off by that massive black rod. My eyes watering. Me wanting to gasp for breath.  You could see the twinkle in his eyes when he'd get that reaction.

"You like it rough".

It wasn't a question.

He plugged my face for several more minutes, always allowing me to catch my breath at what was seemingly the last possible second.

He had me scoot back on the bed and then knelt next to me. More feeding. And like last time, the creep of his body until his ass was over my face.  I ate it. No words. No question.

The guy (still no name) told me to insert the butt plug again. I did. He stood there between my legs, again, and watched.

"You want fucked.  Got a rubber?", he said and asked.  I did want and did not have.  "I only fuck safe.".   Fair enough.

He still had me push that plug in and pull it out.

"Roll over".   I did.  On my belly.

He didn't put it in me, but started rubbing that dark meat at my hole.  Then he slapped my hole with it. I could feel the heat emanating from his flesh.  He'd stroke his dick between hitting me with it. Touching me with it.

He also, I found out, was applying some lube to it as well, for his stroking. And slapping.

And apparently, inserting. As with one thrust, he buried his bare black cock halfway up my ass.  So much for "only safe".

No lies - it hurt. He's big He is HUGE.  It hurt.

I caught my breath. I grimaced, not that he could see my face. I'm sure the tension in my body said it all.

"You said you liked it rough".  Whether I did nor did not, his statement before wasn't a question, so I didn't reply with a yes or no. I guess my lack of response was a yes.

I did not ask for 'slow down' or 'easy', as I knew that would be futile on my part. This wasn't a man for compromise or negotiation.  I've learned a few things over my years.

His hands were on either side of my torso, supporting himself for his fuck.

HIS fuck.  Not mine.  Not ours.  This was his and his alone. It is doubtful this was the first fuck he'd delivered like that - to man or woman.  He was too skilled at what he was doing.

"Reach back and pull your cheeks apart".  I did. No questions.

He pulled out saying he couldn't cum in me. Then proceeded to squirt his load onto my hole. After that he pushed it in with his cock.

This is a hot movie technique for sure, but for his 'safe' issues and not wanting to cum in me, I'm not sure of the purpose. He still had his raw cock in me, he still delivered his load.  Either way, I got it all.

No words exchanged as he went to clean up.  A few words exchanged on the way out the door and that was it.

He called two days later.

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Cleveland bottom guy said...

Fucking hot story!!!! I have a fuckbud that will fuck me bare but just WILL NOT cum in me. He enjoys watching me finger his load into my hole, but he just WILL NOT do a "direct deposit".