Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hung. Black. Anonymous.

I don't know his name.  I don't have his email.  I don't know his phone number.  I know what kind of car he drives, only because I've seen it pull up and park on the street outside the house.

But he answered a CL ad I placed. He called me,  but through a blocked line. We've never exchanged introductions.  Just body fluids.  And to clarify - he's exchanged those into me, not the other way around.

He's not ugly, but not handsome either. He's about 5'9", 180 with a slight belly. I like it when he keeps his slightly tinted glasses on and his hat. When I asked on the phone what his cock was like, he laughed a bit and said, "it's nice enough".

But he's hung. Massively hung.  And thick.

That is him after he had already cum.....and went soft.

He showed up on time, which you wouldn't think is such a big deal, but to me it is. I hate waiting around for guys who claim they're "on the way".   He comes in takes off his shoes and strips off his coat and pants, and nothing more.  Well, his underwear.

He wasn't this "small" when he took off his pants, as he was  - or his cock was - in the stages of being excited. As was I.

As it would turn out he has this way of being nice, but being dirty at the same time.  It's hard to explain. Perhaps it's they way he'd lightly chuckle at things he'd say or that I'd say or do. He say things nicely, but if you thought about it, they were not questions but more of commands or statement of facts. Cutting to your core in certain ways.  It was kind of hot.

"You like to suck cock".

Normally, I'd answer with a "yes Sir", but this didn't warrant an answer. He was telling me. He knew.

Of course, I had a 9.5" fat fucking black cock almost all the way down my throat - he could have just been stating the obvious. He wasn't going out on any limbs exactly, and it was clear this wasn't my first time with a dick in my mouth.

But when I'd come up for air, it was hard not to just handle it, look at it, admire it.  The penis really is a great work of art - and some are clearly better than others.

I told him he undersold himself with the "nice enough" comment - and he replied, "did I lie?"  He did not.

But he wanted to see me stick something in my ass.  I had to find a butt plug, which then I greased it up and slid it in as he watched from behind.  He had me do it while I was on my knees facing away from him. I think he liked the show.

It was a plug and not a dildo, so it was harder to fuck myself with it, though I did....because he wanted me to.

I was to keep that plug in while I sucked him too.  On my knees.  And then laying back on the bed with him kneeling over me.

As you might expect, he move up a little...so soon his balls were at my nose....than at my mouth.  And then it was his ass.

He didn't ask. He's not the kind to ask. He expects.  Silent assumptions.

I dove in.  To me, it was clear he had just come from work, but his ass was fresh. I ate it like a pro...not just because I wanted him to like it, but because I love eating ass.

He isn't one to moan or tell you it feels good what you're doing. But he was rock hard and stroking, so I took that as a sign I was doing my job well.

He back up again and shoved his cock down my throat and gave it a dozen pumps before I felt the hot seed sliding over my tongue and down my throat.  At that angle, it was impossible not to go down into my belly, but it is not like it wasn't going to end up there anyways.

He pulled out, stood up and looked back at me, admiring his work, I suppose.

He put on his pants, and shoes and headed to the door.

"When I call and say 'you know who this is', you'll know who it is, right?"    I confirmed.

He called the next day.


Cleveland bottom guy said...

Nice. I love guys like that!

Bruce Chang said...

I kinda get it. That last question was cocky as shit but it also established some clarity: I'm gonna call you for a repeat but I'm not gonna give you my name so remember me...

Athens GA Poz Guy said...

You HOT fucker! Loved that big black cock and ass it sounds like too!