Thursday, March 13, 2014

Repeat Offender

"Let me look at the pussy that I'm going to eat".

So said the man with the magic tongue.

Another cold night. Another itch at my hole that I needed licked.  And scratched.  Of course by 'scratched', I mean fucked.  Hard.

But for now, I was on the back of his bed, my legs spread and pulled back. Exposing my hairy pucker for the man who was just standing there - looking. Admiring. Waiting. Contemplating.

Then he went to his knees, his face in front of that hole. My hole. His and for the moment.

His magic was still apparent. The second go-around was just as intense as that first time. That tongue - and maybe just a light brushing of fingers?  - was fucking beautiful to my ass.  His ass - for the moment. He was the maestro. I was his instrument.   ....though he would use his baton on me shortly.

I think he was down there for 10 minutes. I would have been happy if I didn't get fucked (ok - that might be a lie) and he just stayed down there for my entire visit.

I have never known such oral pleasure as this. At least on the receiving end.

But we both know I liked that eating out, but that's not what I was there for. That's not what he invited me over for.

He had 7.5" that needed taken care of, and not with my mouth.

No - he wanted hole. My hole. My ass.

While he lubed himself up, he slowly and deliberately stroked his cock hard.

"Play with yourself for me".  I went to reach for my dick and he said. "no........down there....."

Like a 16 yo girl in the back seat of the quarterback's car, I took two fingers and rubber them over my asshole. I teased the hole, the lips. I rubbed it as if I had a clit.  All the while looking right at him as he looked right at my hand / ass action.

He was bone hard now.

He stepped closer.  No words, I moved my hand. He pushed deep hard push, right to the bottom.

I groaned, naturally. I mean, I was being filled up with a decent sized cock - and all at once. But it was a good groan. It was a good way to be filled - a right way. He'd been here before, he knew what he could do, or better yet, what he thought he could do.

He went right away to pumping. There was no rest for me. No acclimation period. He wanted to fuck and he was going to.  But I wanted to be fucked, so it worked out for both of us.

The guy is good with his dick. Not quite as good as he is with his tongue, but those are two very different instruments.  Yet, he's skilled - whether he cared if I liked it or not.

He seems to care about if I'm enjoying myself, until, well you know, he gets closer to cumming. Then just like every other guy in the history of man, it is all about himself.  And I am TOTALLY on board with that.

I'd say the fuck lasted 15 minutes. Me on my back the entire time as he sawed in and out of me. I loved seeing his face as he got close.  There was that look for fighting the impending orgasm or just letting it go and finishing.

The finishing won out.  He buried his bone and let loose his hot load up my ass.

It was a good go-round. I just need go get over there again.  He has me won over with that tongue of his.

...and his cock.


CoolTop said...

Great… now I gotta find an ass to eat, like, NOW.

CoolTop said...

Great… now I gotta find an ass to go eat, like, NOW.