Thursday, July 03, 2014


He pounded me the way he normally does. Or eventually does.

He is the closest thing I have to a regular fuck - though by anyone's standards it is not super regular. But we never miss a beat once we are together.

The man has skills with his dick. And his hips, I guess. And definitely his mind. Dirty. Dirty. Dirty. Yet sweet too. It's a good combo.

Weeks back, before he was to leave on a trip, I found myself in....well, on....his bed.

We do have a routine. A sequence of positions we go through. Usually in order, but not always. This is not a complaint.

Normally, to start, I'm on my knees with my ass at the edge of the bed and him standing behind me. Is it slutty, or hot, that I give no resistance to him entering me and taking a matter of seconds to bottom out? Is it slutty, or hot, that I push back on him, trying to meet him half way?

His cock fits perfectly into my hole. Yeah - one could say that eventually all cocks fit in, but this is the right size for the 'let's just get to it' fuck. And we do just get to it.

At points in the session, I'm on my side, with a leg up a little so he has deep access. We also have the opportunity to kiss at this point. Normally, that is not a big thing for me, but for whatever reason, with him it is. I won't say it's romantic, but there is an intimacy and intensity to it. And even a bit of dirtiness.

Other times I will ride him while he lays back. I like this, but I have less control over my own impending orgasm. If I am to cum at all during the session, this is one of the ways we do this.

At some point, there is always the flat on the belly approach, him on my back - thrusting into me, hard, deliberate and steady.  For leverage, his arms will go under my pits and pull me back a bit. It might be a control thing. I think it's just a way to drive deeper.

This last time, that last position was a big one. We used that a lot. I knew then I wasn't going to be riding him to get off. This was his time to shoot.

With his weight on top of me and the grasp of my arms, I wasn't going anywhere - not that I intended to. He was fucking for a finish.

I was happy for him to do that. Nothing pleases me, or mentally gets me off, more than a guy who becomes a selfish but skilled top.

He drove into me over and over. No verbal warning, but I could feel him get hard as steel and the breath became a little more labored and the respirations a little more shallow. He was racing towards orgasm and going to make sure I got it all.

The guy plunged into me when he let loose, making sure his cock and seed were as deep in me as he could possibly get. I could feel the pulses, but not the warmth. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck as he re-established composure.

I love that he doesn't pull out. He leaves that dick up my ass. I milk it. I squeeze that shaft, not only making him shudder a bit, but getting out every last drop of sperm that I can.

I'm already looking forward to next time.


Tannedmusc said...

Always, ALWAYS love reading your blog !!
So hot and descriptive it's like I can see it !!!...
Hope all is well, Michael

CoolTop said...

Nice. I'm curious, is it the size or the shape or the curve or the thickness or what about a dick that makes it fit into you perfectly? I often get from bottoms that I have an extremely well-fitting dick, and I wonder what it is that makes it that way.

Dre Sync said...

i like the regular ones and familiar position sequences.