Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting Blown

Now, you all know I'm a Cocksucker.  Oh yes, it is upper-cased. It's a title. it's a lifestyle.

So not often am I actually on the receiving end of a blowjob. I was on a visit to a guy who has fucked me semi-regular over the last year or so (you've read about them here), but I was in a "not-so-fresh" feeling and while my mind was willing, my body was not.

It could have, but know.

The get together started out with me sucking him. I mean, that seemed the right thing to do. You've seen my unofficial / official title: Cocksucker.

So it's a little fuzzy on how it came to be that he ended up sucking me. I know he is versatile, but for the most part we've never played on that. I've had my role, he's had his. ...and it's worked just fine.

When guys say they are versatile, they usually have one good skill and play off that and do 'the other stuff' when they have to. I'm ok, at best, at fucking. I like to think I'm great at getting fucked or taking it down my throat. But I'd have a hard time calling myself versatile - though recent events might contradict that.

But this guy had a great mouth. I already knew he could throw an awesome fuck, but who knew he'd have such good oral skills?

Mind you, I was worked up anyways, but seeing him sink lower onto my long, fat shaft made me horny.

I told him he should probably stop what he was doing. It was feeling good and it wouldn't take that much to get me off. I teased him and told him he probably couldn't handle it anyways.

He has seen me shoot when he fucks me and it is safe to say he is impressed with the volume of cum I can displace from my nuts. Hell, I am impressed - and I'm not boasting.  Well...........not much.

I baited him a bit, saying there is no way he could swallow that big of a load. He took the challenge. He went back to his "work".  I let him.

He knew I was getting near, mostly because I told him so. He didn't stop.  ...and now I couldn't.

I told him to stop moving. Not because I wanted to hold off, but because I need a guy to be still while I pump my cream into his mouth and throat. He was about one-third of the way down on me when I let loose.  And I LET loose.

There is no way or remembering last time I had gotten off, but it was safe to say 7-10 days. For a bit he was taking it like a champ. But I would say two-thirds of the way into full release, I saw a slight panic in his eyes. I'm not sure anyone else would have picked up on it, but I know him well....or well enough.

The moment of panic was fleeting, but there.

Unlike most guys, he didn't gag or cough. Nor did he pull off.  He took every. single. drop.

He tried to kiss me afterward, I jokingly resisted, saying that I knew where his filthy mouth had been.

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CoolTop said...

Ha! I love it when guys get that "Is this thing ever going to stop squirting in me" look in their eyes. And I love it even more when they just take it as a challenge and take it all anyway. It's fun being a big cummer. I wonder who shoots more, me or you?