Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Have you ever fucked a twin?

I don't mean one of two siblings - fraternal or identical. I mean, more someone who looks like you - though not exactly a doppelganger.

He was my height. He shaved his head. He had a beard. A biggish nose and a decent body. He even had a nice cock, though honestly, mine was nicer - if I say so myself.

He was in town. He claims to be a top, but was in the mood for getting fucked - and though he never fucks skin to skin, that was also his mood.

He was at a downtown hotel. I was in a mood, and I thought, why not. Of course, deep down, I was hoping I'd get him to change his mind and be the one to fuck me.

The guy provided me his room number and said his door would be unlocked. In reality, he left a piece of paper in the door so it couldn't lock. The lights were dimmed, but not off, the blinds drawn even at 3p. He was face down, ass up.

One difference between the two of us was his mostly hairless ass. I dove into it like a starving man.

It was a fucking great ass to eat. I mean, I love doing that deed anyways, but something about the buns, the crack and the hole just drove me wild. I did all my usual trick of licking, kissing, tonguing and munching inside and out. He truly appreciated the attention - almost like no one has taken care of him like that before. Though that seems hard to believe.

He was good at dirty talk too - which is a huge plus for me. He ever told me about the first time he got fucked, which was too close to my own story. But he mentioned how the guy clasped a hand over his mouth while he fucked him to keep the noise down.  Smart man.

After the ass eating, it was time to fuck. Me to fuck him, that is. I knew early on there would be no swaying this guy to take me.

He wanted face to face and I was ok with that.

Like eating it, sliding into him was determination that he had a nice hole. But while he claims to rarely get fucked, I bottomed out all too easily. His hole wrapped my shaft nicely, but not tightly. Velvet to skin.

Granted, I'm a little on the big side, and thick - so when I did bottom out, I gave a little extra shove to see if there wasn't a way to get a quarter-inch deeper. I did, and his eye shot open. But the words, 'stop', 'don't', 'slower', never passed his lips.

I'm not sure I would have cared if they did. But they didn't.

So, I fucked. I fucked hard. Like I said - I was in a mood.

I liked seeing his face as I penetrated him. I wondered if that was what I looked like when, oh so many guys, fucked my ass. It was that fine line of pleasure / pain / need / want / stop / don't stop.

Unlike the other guys I've fucked this year, this wasn't over in a few minutes. Maybe I was turned on by fucking myself, I don't know. But I stayed hard, I paced myself and a few times, even pulled out.

I got on my back and lay there, spread eagled, and made him lick my dick, clean himself off of me and then lick my nuts and ass.  Then I had him sit on me and ride.

This was harder for me to control and I wasn't liking it, as much as I like when I'm riding in the saddle. I pushed him off and it was time for him to get back to the position I found him in - face down; ass up.

He was all too accommodating.

I plowed him from behind, fucking him as hard as I could without getting too close to the edge. I was wanting this to last. I mean, I put an hour on the meter, I wanted it to get my $0.75 worth!

That rough fucking without going over the edge, at least for a seldom top such as myself, is a delicate balance. It's why I usually go over the edge 4-5 minutes into my fucks.

But I rode him for a good 15 minutes in this position. I'd hear noises being muffled by the bed, none of them actually words. Nor was he struggling to get away.

We both wanted face to face for the end. I pulled out and flipped him over, pushed his legs back and re-entered.....with ease, I might add.

This time, there wasn't much tease and control. I was going for it. I had 10 days of spunk backed up in my nuts and I wasn't going to waste it. So I pounded. I've learned a thing or two and I pounded.

As I got closer, I did what this first guy did to him. I took my hand and clasped it over his mouth. Deep down, I think he told me that story for a reason, and I took the parts needed for this encounter and incorporated them.

It's not like he was making much noise - nothing to alert the housekeeping staff in the hall, but I didn't cover it for that. It was to take him back. To relive the past while taking the present.

And I came. After about 45 minutes of fucking (a record for me), I shot a huge huge huge fucking load. He never protested. He never asked me not to, so he got it.

And then I got on my way. I made it back to the meter with three minutes to spare.


CoolTop said...

Oh hell yeah, that dude's rear end is just CRYING OUT to be fucked. Looks like he's pretty handsome, too.

I would not want to fuck my doppelgänger, but I'd be happy to fuck yours, Bike! Send him my way!

Upton King said...

Great Fucking story. Love that you dommed him and jammed him rough. Kudos- Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Excellent fuck session! We have so much in common! I LOVE the hot dirty talk too! Sounds and looks like you boys had a BLAST!

sc57 said...

I, too, could enjoy you. Thanks for the dream story. Good job.

Bruce Chang said...

Like how your vids show both sides of you. Scratch that. Love it.

Mark Greene said...

Oh this totally mad my morning. What a great erection starter.

Mark from

Dre Sync said...

you've got a thick cock on you and he a beautiful meaty ass

Frequent Flier said...

So the hairy thighs and bush!