Monday, August 04, 2014

Piss & Moan

"Open your mouth, but don't suck".  Those were his first words to me.

I returned to the house where 'FAG' was scrawled on my cock. The house of nudists. Three gay, one straight - somehow living in harmony.

This time, I knew I wouldn't be in the house, but on the front porch - in broad daylight. The set-up is deceiving. From the porch, it looks like everyone can see everything. Even from the street it looks that way, until you've been on the porch and in retrospect so much is not visible you could do many things out there.

Still, I was ordered to strip at the door - outside - where someone passing by might get a quick glimpse of me, but that is it. Timing would have to be just right for that, let alone looking in my very specific direction.

He was in a light robe, sitting at a table with a pitcher of water, his glass and laptop, working outside on a sunny day. And he needed head.

I was stripped, on my knees on the cement, with my mouth open and not sucking. I kind of knew what was going to happen.

The piss came slowly at first and I thought to myself, "I can do this".  But that's the problem: I thought. I thought too much about the act. About what is going on. About what "it" is.

I don't get it. I am happy - no, elated - to drink a man's scum and to lick his ass, but I have a hang-up about piss?

While clearly not a connoisseur, I knew enough that he had been drinking water enough of the day that there wasn't tons of taste to it, and that it was probably running very clear with little yellow in the stream.

I will pride myself on that I got a full mouthful and a gulp and another mouthful before I non-verbally communicated that I was at my limit. Not that we had ever really talked about me taking (or not taking) his piss. He respected my wishes and discontinued the act.

He offered me a glass of water several times, with me declining each time. If I couldn't take the entire piss-load, I wanted him to know I wasn't washing his taste out too. I wanted to be respectful as well. And like in that last post where he said he wanted to push my limits, this was another step.

He went inside to finish dumping his bladder in the traditional way (at least I assumed it was that way) and he came back out, robe still open, me still on my knees. Ready to serve.

And like last time, I did.

Is it bragging if it's true?  I mean, I did an exceptional job with my mouth. Part to make him feel good. Part to make him eventually get off. Part to make-up for the fact that I fear I failed in not taking all his piss. And even though I know I couldn't be seen, I was hyper-excited to be doing this outdoors.

I could tell by his level of engagement and the stiffness of his cock that I was doing all the right things for him. I was sucking, and edging him. I wanted to build up that load. I wanted to make him really want to cum. Sure, he always had the ability to shoot when he wanted, but I had to get him to a place where he was past the point of rescue and total lust took over.

It was about then I heard the front door open and close. I knew enough not to look up and kept working on the cock in front of me. Clearly it was one of his roommates and I was being talked about - like how good of a job I was doing and how he could use me anytime he wanted......and insinuated that it could be now.  I heard the word "thanks", but didn't hear the rest. The door opened and closed again without me ever seeing the gent.

My feeder told me before that the two gay nudists will use his cocksuckers, but the straight one only uses them as urinals. Now to me, that just sounded a little odd. Not just that a straight dude would live with three gay nude dudes, but that of all the 'sex' acts, that a straight guy would be less into getting head than pissing in a guy's mouth.

To each his own, I guess.

I was pushed off the cock for the guy to show me his iPhone. On it he had a spreadsheet of eight cocksuckers who were servicing him. Each with a number of times the eater had serviced him. I was tied in 4th place, including that current blowjob. In theory, it wouldn't take much to put me at number one (I'd have to get up to 9 head-jobs in), but coordinating our schedules is more difficult than I'd like. So it might take me a while.

I probably stepped over a line when saying, 'well that rates quantity, not quality....', figuring I might have the upper hand there.  It was then he pulled out his pen, again, and wrote 'FAG', on my cock...again.

....and then I went back to sucking.

When he did cum, he shot a lot and of course I took it. I took it without an issue, unlike his piss. I happily and greedily swallowed it all. Is that weird?

I was satisfied. He was satisfied. He said I would be back.

Here's hoping I am. Soon.

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