Monday, December 07, 2015


Some days my craigslist ads are better received than others. I cannot for the life of me, figure out what the trigger is that either keeps people away or draws them in. I'd like to say I'm extremely clever in my ad writing, but when it comes down to it - it's just the basics.

Maybe it's just availability of others that are in near proximity. That seems too easy.

So I kind of forgot about the ad since I got almost no responses all day. I went about my day working, do errands, walking the dog - you name it. Then I got a call from a blocked number. He said he replied via email, but didn't hear anything. I was honest, saying since no one had taken interest, I hadn't checked email in a bit.

His stats were impressive and he had a great sounding voice: Married. Italian. Hairy. 5'9". Muscular. Full Beard.

With all this - I kind of gay-swooned. In my would-be sex haze, I neglected to ask the one stat he forgot. But married and Italian, his schlong had to be ok, right?  Right???


First, he was fairly handsome. He seemed shorter than 5'9", but it couldn't have been by much. As it was cold out he had layers on, so he looked ok, but not muscular. Until he took off his shirt. Since it was supposed to be a blowjob, and it was cold, I never expected the shirt to come off.

The man's arms were nice, but just nice. His chest was nice. His abs were incredible. And the fur on them......wooof. The ass was nice and firm too.

The cock? ehhhhh...maybe 5" fully hard.  MAYBE.

I think the rest of the package of man was enough to overlook that.

He stated he was happy when I came to the door. I looked like my picture - though the ad pic was a close up of my mouth wrapped around a penis or two. But it's true not all pics posted are of the actual guys. As he talked, he got close and closer. He was testing me - and I was passing....or failing.

It's a 50/50 shot if I'd ever kiss someone, but I did with him. He had great lips. Soft but experienced. No darting tongue. Sensual. Sexual. Intimate. He got me hard.

I had peeled off my shirt at this point and my pants were around my thighs - jeans and underwear. He felt my ass and groaned. I also got a hearty smack on one of the cheeks. This ass-attention was unexpected as it was to be a blowjob. I am not complaining though.

As it would turn out, my lips would never touch his cock.

We stood there. I fondled him while making out. His hands would hold my butt cheeks. And at some point, he said he wanted to see my ass and turned me around. Soon enough he was pressed against me. Poking, but not prodding.

I didn't stop him when he slid a finger up my ass. Nor when he slid a second one. And he didn't even use spit.

Deftly, he guided me to my office desk. I sat on it, legs spread. He nestled his penis between my legs and under my nuts. He wasn't aggressive as you'd think he might. Confident, sure.  I took the initiative to lay back a bit. What he did surprised me.

He knelt down and licked my taint. And then my ass. If he wasn't experienced at this task, he was more than skilled. My fucking god he was more than skilled. He made me quiver. It is what I suspect I do to guys when I eat their hole.

I think he was ready to fuck me with no lube. He isn't that big, but it's been a little while. I spit on my hand and lubed him a little. With my legs back, he slipped inside of me. I'd say a little at a time, but it didn't take that long to take all of him. He's not that big.

The size made it a little problematic completing a partial withdraw. It also made it impossible for me to use my ass muscle to squeeze his shaft, as it would immediately expel him from my ass.

Laying back on the desk wasn't the best position - for him. I did want to see his face while he fucked me, but he really couldn't fuck me that way. Bending over the desk was just as problematic.

We ended up, me on the floor, balancing on my forearms and elbows, ass in the air.

He fucked me so hard that I had rug burns on those forearms and elbows.

He warned me he was a loud cummer, and I suppose it's all relative, as I didn't think he was all that loud. But he did deliver a great line.

"There's your fucking lube" he shot into me, four days worth.

The encounter wasn't perfect......but it was kind of fun. I'd be up for a rematch if he requests.


cyberi4a said...

You're right, that was a good line and would have helped if you had others lined up to 'visit' you.

CM21 said...

Was he an uncut italian?