Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Return and the Disappearance

There has not been tons of activity since a little before Thanksgiving.  Stupid friends and family getting in my way - and in the way of newbies and regulars. Wasn't I supposed to be giving them thanks - the only way I know how?

So the re-start of people's post-holiday schedules hasn't been all it could be - at least where I am concerned.  Ads have been placed and mostly ignored.  "Woofs" have been sent on hook-up apps and mostly ignored. What is a fucking faggot to do?

In general, I don't reach out to my "regulars" and especially not to my "semi-regulars". I know many are attached - to a man or woman - so I try to respect their privacy. At least until my horniness gets the best of me, like this week.

So, while trying to be discreet as possible, I emailed or texted - never called. That's not my style.

One text brought the KISS guy over. A nice big load was delivered by him, though truth be told, I would have rather he planted it up my ass. He rubbed the hole, but didn't do the deed. I'm beginning to think he might never do that again.

There were two new black guys. One watched straight porn on his phone while he pretended I wasn't there. The other guy literally came in a minute's time. Not a minute of sucking, but a minute from me going to my knees, even before I had a chance to get lips to penis.

And there was the return of the guy who likes to gag me. It's a beautiful cock, for sure, but I'm not that big into guys who get high - and if they do, I'm really not fond of guys who reek of it. My mouth and nose are already taking in a bunch of smells - that is not one I want. And it was the overwhelming one. Still, I finished the job, because I'm an unpaid professional. I want him back again, but there will be a slight discussion about how he returns.

I did the real stretch and contact the ex-military guy.  He had only called, so I had to send a text message from my recent call list. Though I questioned how local he was, he assured me he was, though he had a Florida area code. That means nothing now a days, as numbers are portable. But I sent a message to get a reply that it was a 'non working number'.

Perhaps it is a trac phone that gets no messages, but I'm trying reallllllly hard not to just call him. I want a repeat.............badly. Because the repeat was supposed to be a deep drill fucking.

I also send an email to the Nerd.

Our schedules had not been compatible as of late, but this evening, for a short period of time, we had a window. He had somewhere to be at 6:15p. He said he'd arrive at 5:20p, though with the crappy weather and rush hour, I knew he wouldn't - and he didn't. He got there, but late.

There was little time for my normal admiration of him. He is blithely unaware of how "cute" he is and how gorgeous his cock is. I'm not sure I want him to know at this point. The unawareness is endearing. It almost makes me want to kiss him, but I think that could freak him out. So for the moment, I use my mouth for one thing - and one thing only.

I can edge him and love doing so. Or I can get him off in two minutes. I love doing that as well. Both have their moments. Tonight, it was somewhere in between, though it skewed a bit to the getting him off quicker. He arrived late and I don't want him to be late for his next meeting. I want him to think I respected his time enough that he won't resent me down the road - that he had to make up excuses for his tardiness.

I do love the way he trembles when he ejaculates. The orgasm comes from the center of his body and resonates from his toe to his head and back again - and several times, at that.

The load is always more than respectful in size. I show it to him each time, as I know he likes to see how productive he was. I like that about him. And to be honest, I like to show off at the reward of my skills.

We still talk about him fucking me....again. I hope that happens sooner than later. That is one I'd love to take while doing poppers, but he's not a fan - doing them or being around them. Since I vocalized issues here about the pot smoking, the least I can do is be respectful of his liked / dislikes.

I am zeroing in on my 2015 goal. I'm sure I'll share with you when I reach the goal or at the end of the year. I'm fairly pleased, but if the December holidays are anything like Thanksgiving, I might be close...........but no cigar.


John said...

Good luck on meeting your goal! Can't wait to hear about it.

cyberi4a said...

I thought the past big holiday shopping weekend was a good hook up time for married str8 guys. The wives hit the malls so the husbands have time to meet up with cocksuckers. Does tradition mean nothing to these guys anymore! :-)