Monday, December 14, 2015

Two at Once

It almost never happens that the stars align and you get two guys at once......semi on purpose.

The Nerd and I had a planned meeting and some guy messaged me and asked me to suck his cock. As it would have it, earlier the Nerd lamented that he wished he could see me suck another dick and take another load.


I invited the second guy over and he immediately agreed. Good.

He had a decent body / dick. I mean, almost no cock is as good as the Nerd's, but it wouldn't be small by any means.

Both of them said they were running late, and oddly, both showed up at the exact same time. I mean really - WHEN does that happen?  Never, I tell ya.

I always expect guys to initially feel weird around each other that they don't know. Especially the Nerd. He seems so nice and so reserved. But he led the way into the house, basically showing the other guy where we play. He was the first to start undoing his pants, though the new guy followed right behind. There was not a moment's hesitation from either. Good.

At first we formed a triangle. I had one hand on each of their cocks and both of them had a hand on mine.

But we weren't there for jacking off, so I got on my knees. Knowing the Nerd can reach orgasm quickly, I stayed away from him at first. And I was sucking the other guy so the Nerd could watch him blow in my mouth. The new guy seemed nice enough, but this was a gift for my blowjob buddy.

The new guy got to a nice 7". It was on the thinner side, but with a nice arched curve. I got them together so I could suck them both.....which is always harder than it seems. Body placement makes it difficult to get between them where they are close enough to both fit into my mouth. And it doesn't help that that Nerd has such a big cock. I'm not complaining about that last part.

I would switch off between the two. The Nerd loved watching me blow the other guy. The other guy wanted to blow the Nerd. It is why I hate three ways. Like I want to be edged out of my own sexual coordinated meeting.  Fuck that.

As much as Nerd is a fast cummer, it wasn't too difficult to get the new guy off.  He sprayed my mouth with his jizz. For show, for the Nerd, I let it linger on my tongue. I held it there as he was jacking and on edge.

In no time, he added his huge load (always a huge load!) onto the first. The pool of cream was so big, it had no choice but to start leaking down my throat off the back of my tongue. Still, I held it as long as I could for all to see.

And then I swallowed like a good boy.

Everyone got themselves together afterwards - with me not getting off, as usual - and then the new guy asked the Nerd for a ride home.

Fuck. I don't see this ending well for me.

I did send the Nerd an email apologizing for that - I told him I didn't know he didn't drive over and would never expected him to give him a ride. He said it was no big deal, but I think we all know that the new guy hit on the Nerd for the entire ride - right?


Bruce Chang said...

Okay, okay... I may have poached a guy or two from a bottom bud that had invited me over to tag team him. But I merely provided a service that the bottom didn't provide... (Almost) every top gets that itch every now and then...

BlkJack said...

I would have in a heartbeat. In fact I would have told him I was a better cocksucker and would offer to prove it. No loyalty to a fellow cock whore. lol :-)

cyberi4a said...

I'm sure he tried for the nerd, and who knows what happen when they left. But I have a feeling you're better at sucking the nerds cock then that other guy would have been.