Wednesday, February 03, 2016

KISS and a Fuck

It had been a while - not a long long while, but a while - but the KISS guy returned.

Save one time, everything has been oral. And while my ass twitches for cock, I know not to expect it from him. For the most part, it's an oral thing. He likes getting sucked, and I'm a cocksucker, so it pretty much works out.

It was morning. I had a late meeting off-site, so I didn't have to leave home at an early hour. He texted as he sometimes does, and asked if I was free. I was, but gave him a time limit. I assumed it would be no issue - a quick blow and go. I mean, when I want to, I cam make the head last, or if I'm in a hurry - regardless of their schedule - I can get a guy off in no time.

Sometimes it is not about the process. Sometimes it is just about lightening a guy's nuts. Guys are not really that complicated.

KISS guy came in his usual black garb - including shorts and flip flops, even though it was in the 20s. His long mane was out of control - clearly, he had just gotten up.

The guy knows about my nipples. Some guys know how to work them, most do not. He has learned over time just how to manipulate them. The problem is, he never really follows through even though he knows to what they are actually wired:  my butthole.

While I did go to my knees, I didn't stay there long, but it was by his insistence.....not that I was putting up a fight.

I was on my knees and he reached down to play with my tits. I'm sure I visibly quaked, though I don't know I notice these things much in my own self. He hauled me up by my armpits. Well.....'haul' is a strong word. He started to get me up, I helped matters along.

KISS turned me around. I dropped my pants. He added his own spit to his cock. I was bent over the kitchen counter, took a hit of poppers and he buried himself up my poop chute.

It was fucking heaven.

It wasn't a long fuck - maybe 5 minutes. But he was skilled at what he was doing. He made me ask for it - the dick, the fuck and eventually, the load.

Oh, I asked. And by asked, I mean, begged.

It's a good thing my neighbors moved, and their house is empty. I'm sure they might have heard, even though the residence is hundreds of feet away.....and the doors and windows were shut.

I told him to send me to a meeting with his huge load shot up my ass.

He always has huge fucking loads, so I knew this would be no different. From the throbbing I suspected I was right. Honestly, I think the idea of me sitting in a three hour meeting with his jizz in me actually made him squirt.

I like how he stays in. I get to milk the shaft with my muscles. He groans, but stays put. I'm sure I got every drop.

I was still rock hard when he pulled out. I offered to jack off and let him watch me shoot, but he had no interest. He got what he came for...and you know me well enough to know I was ok with that.

I could have easily shot after he left, but I didn't. I straightened up, zipped up and left for my meeting - where I sat for over three hours with his fucking spunk coating my guts.


Bruce Chang said...

And I think that's the skill I'm most impressed by: keeping a guys load in you so that it takes... Especially from a heavy cummer. Also the skill I'm most turned on by, thinking of you in that long meeting trying not to stain your undies... That is, if you wear undies...

cyberi4a said...

That sounded hot. Any leak out or are you able to hold it all in?