Sunday, May 15, 2016


First - sorry about my absence. I've mentioned it before, but writing the blog can be difficult. I like doing it, but needs motivation. Secondly, work has been off the charts busy. So, what little free time I have is probably looking for cock (not always succeeding) and not really committing the experiences to the 'page'. 

I will get better about that. 

I have a few CLAW experiences, and I will tell them, but not doubt they'll be out of order - and will have other non-leather conference stories mixed in.  

Thanks for sticking with me. 

He wasn't my first for this year's CLAW.  Hell, he wasn't in the top 5. And he wasn't even the first day.

Still, he sent me a message weeks before the event, wanting to use me again. Yes....again. He used me last year at CLAW as well. I guess it's nice to be wanted and in demand. I won't lie.

I got a Recon message saying he was in full leather, waiting for me in 528.  Up I went.

Leather cop shirt. Chaps. Boots. Gloves. Cock hard.

It is longer than the picture makes it out to be. It is thicker too - and it's plenty thick in that pic.

Immediately I was down on my knees. That was the plan. That was his expectation. No messing around - and truth be told, other than take his cock or load, there wasn't anything I really wanted to do with him.

I worked that cock like an expert. I mean, with the mass majority of guys, I always do. Sure, sometimes I go through the motions, but even for the lesser guys, they think it's the full service. If they only knew!

But I love thick cock. And this guy had one.

I'm not saying he was over ready or over anxious, but I had to back off more than once. I mean, I don't mind getting guys off quick and moving on  to the next one - and it was CLAW - so, at the third edge when he said he was close, I didn't back off.

I went for it.

Swirled the tongue. Tightened the lips. Added more saliva.

He burst into my mouth.

I mean, I know he said he got off the day before, but I was amazed at the amount of cum. Either he shoots big all the time (I don't remember his load per se last year) or he fibbed about getting off. Not that it mattered.  I let it sit in my mouth until I let the scum slide down my throat - where it belongs.

I cleaned off the cock, though he was sensitive, which made me laugh to myself. A "tough" leatherman who was too sensitive for a post blowjob clean-up.

He'd never survive the dungeon.

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cyberi4a said...

Wasn't your last year CLAW adventure with guys who had the same room number but on different floors????