Friday, May 20, 2016

Sling Fuck

Another CLAW story.

I'd say this was a repeat as well, but it really wasn't.

The guy was a repeat, the acts where not.

"Austin" and I hooked up a year ago at CLAW while he volunteered for me. This year, while he volunteered again, it wasn't for me. But we had kept in touch and I knew he would be in town. He's a 'favorite' on Scruff, so I knew when he actually got to town.

I was stalking, but not in a creepy way. This guy is under 30.....he has his choice of guys, though over the 12 months we've chatted some of our perv stuff, and he isn't freaked out by things that are said, nor am I from things he tells me. If anything, it's a turn on.

I was hoping I'd get my chance again this year. The first time I saw him he was with a group of guys - one being his husband. He stepped away to come talk to me. We exchanged pleasantries, but nothing more. What was 'more' was in text. I knew even though it was a leather event and many people played - it's not always out in the open or above board. I wasn't really looking to cause waves in his relationship.

Ok - that's kind of a lie.

I wanted to rock this guy's world a bit and have him look at his husband differently. Or indifferently.

Yes, it's wrong, but who ever said I was 'right'?  And on some level, I think Austin wanted me to walk that high wire.

As I was wrapping up my day, I texted him. He was kind of ready, but asked if I'd mind his roommates being there.  I did. And I didn't.

I like being watched. But by men. His roommates were of the twink variety and that did nothing for me. And given our discussions on perverted talk and deeds, I could open this guy's like to a whole bunch of scrutiny that he probably didn't want. And sure I could have kept my trap shut, but that's not my style....not at CLAW.

I made it to his hotel, and he said to wait while those guys left. While waiting, I let some hot fucking man put his hand under my kilt and play with me until it was unsafe to be standing in such a public area with said kilt tenting out to a point where I was exposed.

Not a problem for many - but the hotel frowns against that much skin.

Then Austin was ready.

He opened the door, harness on, jock on, smile on.  That's it.

The room was much neater this year. And this year, besides the two beds, there was a sling all set up, with the appropriate plastic tarp underneath so not to make any stains on the carpet should body fluids not stay where they're intended.

Anyways - this is why this visit was not like last year.  Austin and I made a deal that I'd at least get his DNA this year. Sure, I'd get around to fucking him, but he got mine, it only seemed fair to swap. Right?

He asked where I wanted it. Beds are easy and predictable, and this was CLAW, so into the sling I went.

And see? Kilts are great. I didn't even take anything off - just hiked it up.

The thing with sling play is there is little foreplay. You get in and you do the deed. And we did.

While he took my cock like a champ in 2015, he fucked like a pro in 2016.

Legs up. Greased up. He went right in. The man knows what he's doing, though by all accounts, he might be sneaking around on the side and giving it to his husband only now and then. He's doing it other places, with a variety of guys. I have to appreciate that.

But I loved the way he fucked. Nice, but with a vengeance too.

Our talk during was filthy and I know that was getting him harder in me. I could feel it. It also helped him get close. It had been a good 15 minutes of pumping and pulling the chains into him. The rocking of the sling helped the entire fuck.

He fucking exploded in me. I could feel him throb. I could see his face contort. I could imagine folks in the hall heard it all too. I hope they did.

Austin stayed up my ass for a while.  A long while, which I like. But as is inevitable, he slid out, slowly. I'm not sure a slow withdraw is worse or not.

He stayed standing, I stayed in the sling, letting his DNA soak into me. We talked, about each other and sex. And dirty sex. Enough so, that he became hard again.

In no time, he pushed balls deep in one movement and I got another 15 minute fuck.

And I got another load. I wasn't expecting this....nor was he. Even afterwards he said it had been years since he produced two loads so quickly together.

I'm not sure if I ever have. I know you hear stories about those crazy late teens who can recharge their balls and get off another round. I was never that guy. But getting off isn't always my thing, is it?

The plan was for me to return another time to give Austin my load. But our schedules never quite meshed after that. I'd see him around the hotel(s), but never alone.....and never ALONE.

But if we keep this up - I'll be fucking him next year. Assuming we are taking turns.


cyberi4a said...

A kilt seems to work out for you is right....LOL

I hooked up with a guy once who always said he could cum 8 times in an hour. But he didn't mention it was because of premature ejaculation and only shoots a drop each time. But he was right about 8x in a hour. If I hadn't have felt sorry for the guy I wouldn't have stuck around to know that.

Topekabttm45 said...

Wonderful story, I just found your blog, can't wait to read more about your adventures.