Friday, June 02, 2017

Tapped Out

He had blown me off before…….and not in a good way.

There he was, all of 400 ft away from me and we couldn’t make it work. Sure, connectivity there sucked, but in reality he said after his appointment we’d find time and then messaged me two hours and 11 miles later.

Now here it was weeks later, I’m having coffee in a Starbucks and he’s a mile away asking me to come over. And that I would be a third. Both guys were black. I was to be the cream center…………so to speak. I only had stats on the one: 6’2”, 210, football build, 8”. And very dark skinned, which I like. The other guy I had no clue. I was horny and said I’d be there in 5 minutes. He gave me the code to buzz him when I got to the door.

In a few minutes, he was opening the door for me. He looked as good as his pic, but he was slow to move and something about his mannerisms suggested drug use, which never is usually a positive when hooking up. I get that they think it is a good thing, but I find performance suffers greatly. In an impaired state, of course, they never think that to be true.

I followed back to his bedroom. The other guy was less than optimal. Older (not that I mind that). Normal body with a full belly – which I felt like it should have been tapped to drain fluid off of. He barely noticed I was there. He was fooling with one of his three (!!) phones. Again, it went to my high theory, and now added onto it, ‘dealer’.

The host and I paired off for quite a while. He lay back in bed, I was on my knees at the side, sucking his 7.5 thick inches. His eyes were closed. I could have been anyone. In his mind I was probably someone else. That’s fine. We weren’t looking to date.

The cock was dark as night. It shined up really nicely as my mouth came off of it, leaving it covered in my own spit and glistening in the daylight. I love that look…….it’s hot to me.

This went on for a while. I couldn’t tell if he was into me or not. If he liked the scene, or not. The other guy was a distraction, as he wasn’t participating and for me, I wasn’t even sure whose apartment I was in. I assumed the guy who messaged me, whom I was sucking, but I wasn’t truly sure.

He tugged at my shirt and silently encouraged me to disrobe. I did. Pants hit the floor and he pulled me into the bed with him, while guy #2 sat on the side of the bed…..with his phones. He had me work on his tits with my mouth while he played with my cock……then my balls……then my ass. He got no resistance, so he kept going.

As he ran his fingers from my taint to brushing over my hole...then into my hole….he went in for the kiss. I suppose it makes guys feel better about showing tenderness when really just wanting access to a private place. Kissing is nice, but not essential for these kind of hook-ups. There are no expectations except sex and getting out. That said, I love a full-lipped black man. The softness that usually comes with those lips can be highly erotic if they know how to kiss. This guy had the lips, but not the skill. I think he’d be teachable, but this was not that moment.

He leaned over and picked up a bottle of lube from the floor. As he applied it to his 7.5 inch cock, he adeptly moved between my legs. I spread them for him. It was well past playing hard to get at this point.

His cock punched in. I was prepared for the initial push so it wasn’t so bad. It might have helped that this wasn’t my first time. (that’s a joke, people!) Like his being the recipient of a blowjob he took the laid back approach to fucking. It was nice, but not intense. Everything was a little faster than slow- motion. Honestly, I didn’t agree to a three-way thinking it would be a Sunday afternoon drive mentality.

At this point, the third guy kind of showed up, even though he never left. He got behind the guy fucking me and tried to fuck him. Even I knew the guy in me wasn’t going to allow that. While he didn’t say ‘no’, he pulled out of me and gestured toward me to the other guy. He got between my legs and took a go.

I’d say ‘we’ve all been there…’ but maybe we haven’t. That place where you want to finish what you started but not with the guy who is currently with you. You ride it out (so to speak) so you can get back to the one you want. I have been there.

For a potentially lesser guy – one might feel cheap, used and degraded by this set-up. I am not a lesser man. There is a type of cost-benefit analysis going on in my head on what the ROI might be on letting some semi-silent guy fuck my ass while his semi-friend watches. I was hardly surprised with after two dozen pumps he unloaded. Going by his groan and time to pull out – it was nothing outstanding. I felt nothing. Literally and figuratively.

I was feeling a little “unsure” (we’ve all been there too….no?) so I asked to use the bathroom to just check and touch-up if needed. Nothing was needed, so it was just a feeling I was wrong on. The first guy was waiting outside the door and we just drifted into the kitchen. No third guy. Just us. There he kissed again. Better, but not great. He seemed taller than 6’2”, as that is my height and I had to lean up ever so slightly to make lip contact.

His cock was hard. He had the lube with him. He was prepared. I was ready. There in the kitchen, with him leaning against the counter, I turned around and bent over slightly. He got behind me, positioned himself nicely and pushed in.

The previous seemingly lackluster fucking was gone. He was in his groove. It turns out the man truly knew how to throw a fuck. One hand on my hip, one on my shoulder, he leveraged himself (and me) for a rugged, manly fuck. Determined. Focused. I leaned over more to brace myself against the opposite counter. This gave him better ability to fuck harder. He did to a degree, but I’ve had rougher.

Soon enough he was doing what most don’t: full in and out strokes. I mean, fully out. Then push completely back in. And he did it repeatedly. That is great in porn, but most guys never fully leave the confines of a colon.

I’d say it was unfortunate, but it wasn’t: his timing was off. On an outstroke, he started cumming. I felt a hot jet hit a cheek, but like a pro, he pushed in for the rest. That was kind of porn-like and kind of hot. He pumped the remaining ball juice he had up my ass.

He slid out. We composed ourselves. We made our way back into the bedroom to retrieve my clothes. The other guy was there, uninterested in anything we just did and had to have overheard. I nodded to whom I assume was my host and walked out alone....his load firmly up my ass.


Anonymous said...

Great post. Glad to read another one. Question, though. What's "ROI"?

My Load Deep In You said...

Return On Investment