Sunday, March 11, 2018

15 Hours of Whoring - pt 1

I envision this as a series of three or four part entries. There is too much to get into one cleanly and concisely.  And I will try to publish these in quicker succession than one per week or so. As these encounters just happened, I want to commit them to 'paper' and let you appreciate them....or not. 

To set it up:  I was going out of town for a lunch, but left the afternoon before so I could stay overnight in a questionable motel location. A few craigslist ads, and backed with some on-line apps and the sometimes handy BBRT, I was pretty much ready to go. 

I got to the hotel just after 3:30p. I booted up the laptop, crafted a quick CL ad and then started the prep process of cleaning out. Just because of my schedule, I had a very light breakfast and zero lunch. Prep would be a breeze - and it was.

The CL ad brought lots of attention. Immediately a decent African-American wanted to come over RIGHT NOW.  Ok dude.  Room 204  "On My Way" was his response.  Long story short - I'm still waiting for him to show up.

Others wanted later that night, which was fine. I was prepared for possibly not sleeping at all if guys were willing to stop by and unload. I was afraid on some of the CL responses, there was already too much back and forth. Too much negotiating, but it comes with the territory.

One guy though, was so turned on, he opted not to come later, but now. I said "sure", and if I'm being totally honest, I got mixed up on who was who in the responses to who said they were coming. For some reason I still have Yahoo set up as my email for CL - and their mail system sucks!  Just horrible.

So, soon there is knock on the door.  Hmmmm.

Immediately, I knew where this guy worked and his name - as both were stitched onto his shirt. This guys seemingly had a hard life....or hadn't slept in seven years. Or did copious amounts of drugs. Or all of the above. He was not my ideal, but he was right in front of me.  Literally.

Either he was inexperienced or shy. He did nothing. Made no move - sexually or in terms of walking. He stood there. Lifeless. I had to reach for his belt. I had to do everything. When I walked closer to the bed, I had to tell him to come over. It's like there wasn't an intuitive thought in his head.

His 7" wasn't.

Fully hard it was almost six. I sucked him to get him hard. I lubed him up (because he wasn't going to) and I bent over.  He got in with not much trouble. And it was over in less than four minutes. He jolted and sighed. I had taken my first load.

Again, he just stood there. Pants off. Making no moves to go. I finally started gathering my clothes saying I needed to find dinner. He didn't take the hint. I finally told him he'd have to dress and go.

While this all transpired, I had a few more CL responses, plus my BBRT said I had a few emails.  Bonus!

One guy on BBRT wanted head.  A blowjob - from Bareback Real Time?  DUDE!  Oh and he wanted to get high so I'd have to come to him.  Delete!

Next guy's profile looked promising. It said he was 6' and 200 lbs with 7 inches.

I'd never know.

His ad read he likes anon bottoms who like the mystery of getting bred by a stranger.  I asked if he wanted the lights low (yes), the door cracked open (yes) and me with my ass up and face down away from the door (yes) and for me to never turn around to see him (yes!). 

He said he'd be there in five minutes and I was in place. The heating unit turned on and was quite loud. Enough so that I never did hear the door open and shut. I did hear pants being dropped. I did hear the squirt of the lube bottle, but I think it was his own, as mine was near me and I never felt him reach for it.

There was no talking. There wouldn't be. From either of us.

He lined up and pushed in. If he figured there was already a load in there from 20 minutes ago, he never said a thing - obviously.

There wasn't a groan from him. There was from me. I felt every inch of that cock slip in and the inevitable push up into my bowels. Since it was anonymous (for me), there was no connection to sway one from the task at hand.

His task was to pump butt and unload in it. It was just a bonus that it wasn't to be deterred by inane social conversation for which neither party cared.  And that is what he did.

The fuck went on for a good 20 minutes. Sometimes my head was down in a pillow, others it looked ahead at the headboard or wall. Never once did it even cross my mind to look over my shoulder. He could be anything I wanted him to be - in theory. Though that never crossed my mind to pretend to give him a face or a personality.

As much as he was using me right now, I was using him. Let's face it, I wasn't completely altruistic in my motives here.

He picked up speed. His fucking style got rougher - though I was loving it - and his breathing were the only indicators of near the finish line.  There were to be no grunts, no groans, no verbiage to his impending or real-time orgasm.

He shot up my ass and unceremoniously pulled his cock out of my butt.

I did put my head down. He pulled on his pants, opened the door and was gone. The only evidence he had been there was his fresh DNA up my hole.

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sc57 said...

Nice second one. We can imagine he is tall dark and handsome. Waiting for the next, more... I like the BBRT wanting a bj. I swear Americans can not read. What the fuck are they learning in school?

Aaron Hudson said...

Craigslist shutting down their personals section really sucks cause organizing events like this has one less place to advertise. None of the apps is perfect as a replacement either.