Monday, March 26, 2018

15 Hours of Whoring - pt 5

The anon guy let the door close hard. I picked myself up and saw he left his used underwear behind. At first I thought it an accident until later I saw the video of him fucking me. He was wearing it while plunging in and out of my ass. He purposefully took them off before dressing and leaving.

Naturally, I kept them. Kept them unwashed too.

But it was about two hours from check-out, and people can be fickle, so I got back on-line.  Again, BBRT seemed the place to be. But now, I was the one who was low on messages. There weren't tons of tops or versatile tops on at this hour of the morning. So a very average one was, he asked "what's up".  I was to the point. "Looking to get bred.  Varsity Inn. 204".   His reply, "on the way".   Perfect.

There was no anon.  He was ok - but nothing to write home about.

It was - like the others - a no pretense fuck. I was bent over the bed, he just took out his 6.5" dick and stuck it in. It was a BBRT fuck - he wanted hole.  I wanted cock. He wanted to cum. I wanted his cum. Not his specifically - but he was there, so.......I was gonna get it.

Like the last few fucks, you could feel, hear and smell the wetness of my cunt. The squish was audible, visual and had an olfactory aspect.  I don't know if he noticed or not, but how could you not? He had to notice the ooze of jizz surrounding his cock. He had to notice that some just slipped out of my ass, down my taint and then onto the bedspread - right?

Maybe he just didn't care. Maybe it turned him on and he wanted to add to it. I was down with that - clearly.

He said nice things about my hole - how he liked it, and being in it. He pumped while he complimented it. I did the same for his cock.  I squeezed the cock too, as he was pulling out. I'd open up when he'd push back in - giving him both a loose and tight experience, teasing the fuck out of that dick.

The man lasted maybe 10 minutes before he unloaded up my ass.  #8.  I surpassed my totally made-up goal.  I win!

This guy is also the only one who really wanted to sit around yammering after the fact.  Fuck. Time was limited and yes, I was still horny. And no, I had not cum - but that was never (and rarely is) the objective. But it was a hotel room and one never knows. I finally got rid of him, but put out some feelers on BBRT and jumped in the shower.

Yes, shower. I was meeting friends for lunch and as much as it would have been fun, arriving smelling like cum, sweat and poppers isn't always appropriate. And it was now like 10a and I was starving. I barely ate the night before and now I was caffeine deprived, had a bit of a popper headache and we were nearing check-out time.

I went down the street to Starbucks. They had breakfast sandwiches and caffeine....and comfy chairs and an outlet. Yes, being the addict I am, I booted up the phone. I had a BBRT message - it was a 'text me at 614-555-1212 message.  I texted.

It was last guy from the night before, the one who just showed up. The one with 8" who pummeled me with his dick.  He wanted another go-round. I said if he could get to the hotel immediately, we could fuck before I lost the room. Technically I hadn't checked out and still had the key.  He hemmed and hawed.

Was there some other place we could fuck, he asked.  I countered, it's your town, you tell me. He had nowhere. He suggested the bathroom at Starbucks. Normally, I'd be SO down with that, but this ones had restrooms right in front of the counter and the 4-5 baristas. There was no way one wouldn't notice two guys going into a bathroom.

He had a 'roommate' so his place was off-limits. I don't know why I kept engaging, but I did.

Bossy - he was.  I was in my car in less than 60 seconds.  Oddly, he lived on the same street in which I did many moons ago. Parking was a bitch, so I ended up three blocks away. He was at the door when I walked up.

There was chatter. We never even made it more than 7' in the house. My pants went down, his shorts came off. I got on my knees and sucked him for all of a minute.....he was fully up at 8 again. I bent over his and his "roommates" piano.

Again - no finesse. It was a brutal fuck- but partially on purpose I believe. There was a clear view from the backdoor to where we were. He said his "roommate" could come in at any time. If true, there was no way he couldn't or wouldn't see us. It was probably more of a turn on for me. I don't think I'd have been threatened as I didn't my dick up his ass.

Of course, I would have liked a tag-team three way and said so. The guy boning me said it wouldn't be cool. I was really being pounded into the piano. He fucked hard. He fucked furious. I was not complaining. It was just what I wanted.

We were probably in the 5-7 minute mark before he just gut punched that cock up my hole and held it as deep as it would go. He delivered another load, about 10-11 hours after his last one.

Honestly, as I got back to my car, I looked at Grindr, Scruff et al, figuring, maybe, just maybe, I could make it to double digits if the stars aligned.  As it turns out - I had some quick conversations, but could see they weren't going anywhere. I called it.

While my hotel shower probably helped, in reality, I was going to pick-up friends with a fresh load up my ass, and me smelling of sex.  But with a smile on my face.

Total Load Count: 9
Final Load Count: 9


cyberi4a said...

Damn, my dreams don't have that much action....LOL

sc57 said...

Nice. Like that you got that 8" twice within 12 hours. And his loads. Plus, you surpassed you goal, nicely.