Monday, August 01, 2005

Into The Woods

So yesterday morning (sunday), I'm literally cruising the internet. A man from out of town is on-line and looking. He was leaving that day and there was no way I could get to his hotel and perform any services before his scheduled check-out. So we agreed to meet in a metro-park.

His pictures were at least true-to-life. In his early 40s and ht/wt proportional. I had never been to this particular park, but clearly he had. He walked paths that were not used by most regular hikers - I followed. Idle chit-chat along the way, but neither of us was interested in getting to know one another. Not that way - anyway.

We ended up in a heavily wooded area of the park w/a steep drop off into a river on one side. But we went the other the trail.....and into uncharted territory. In these woods were many fallen trees too.

Eventually we stopped at one of them. He leaned against it and I went down on my knees immediately. He took out his dick and I was afraid it wasn't the 8" he touted on his profile. But it was fat. And veiny. And the more I sucked it the more it became the 8" he said.

He pulled me up by my armpits and turned me around. As he dug in his shorts pocket for a little packet of lube, I fumbled in mine for my poppers (real ones....not crappy VCR head-cleaner). He bent me over the fallen tree - and as cliche as that sounds in porn-story-terms, I had never experienced that.

I'm 6'2" and didn't have to bend over too far - that is how big this tree was. He tried to loosen me up w/his fingers and I told him to forget that and get right to the main prize. I took a huge hit(s) of poppers and was flying when he punched that bare cock right into the target. He sank in slowly but steadily...and in no time was fucking in nice long strokes.

At one point I just wanted to feel the cock up there w/no movement and told him to 'stop'. He took it the wrong way and pulled unfortunately (NOT!) we had to do a total repenetration of his dick up my ass!!! .

Way sooner than I would have liked I knew it was coming. And that he would be cumming. I begged for it. Leaving no doubt that he was to finish what he had started. He wasn't too vocal - and even out in the woods you never know who might be there (it was a park, afterall). But I could feel him throb. I would feel the warmth sperad w/in me.

I wasn't too hard since I was pressed up against the bark of a dead tree. But he started jacking me when I straightened up and playing w/my now juicy hole. He made it make sounds as his fingers played w/the cummed up opening. It was enough to make me blow my nut all over the dirty ground.

He went to pick up the lube pack from the fallen tree...I told him to leave it. Let someone know what went on back here......

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