Sunday, March 26, 2006

Humiliation's the name of the game. Does it mean anything to you?

The other day broke this seemingly endless dry spell. But at what cost??

Lately I've kind of lived or died by the on-line hook-up., men4sexnow and craigslist. All have their pluses - but many many minuses. Or maybe I'm just forgetting how all those same categories are at the bars, baths or bathrooms. It's just a little easier to misrepresent oneself via the internets. I'm sure I'm guilty of it to a degree.

However, I don't take license w/my age, weight or height. I mean, why bother? If you get together, don't you think the other person will notice. I'm guessing it's so you WILL get together and HOPE the lying guy hopes 'oh well, we're here why not....'. yeah yeah yeah. I get it.

Yesterday though - oy. The pic represented in the posting was decent. I wasn't expecting someone this short of a candidate for gastric bypass. I just like knowing what I'm walking into. I've done overweight guys before. Just a major misrepresentation.

The house reeked of pot (not that I judge - it just took me a long time to kick some habits). His nipples were like big used gumdrops. It wasn't pretty. Less pretty was me having to duck under his belly just to get to his cock. All 6" of it (again, presented better in the pic).

I was there. I could have walked away - but I was there. I'd been dry for weeks. I may have broken drug habits - but not a cock/cum one. A buddy who likes to goad me on knew I was going there. He had me use my cellphone to dial him @ work so he could hear me sucking the guy off. Though the volume didn't work well (the feeder wasn't a talker) and my mouth was full. But I liked the idea of someone knowing what I was doing.

Luckily (?) my mouth was full when the guy asked " I as good as I look in the pictures?". W/an mouth full of cock - I didn't have to lie (not that I'm above that), nor did I have to hurt his feelings and tell him the truth.

Oh - and it only took maybe 10 min....but he flooded my mouth. But I don't remember any cum I've ever taken to be chunky. I'm not talking thick.....i'm talking CHUNKY. Bits in the sperm. It was not pleasant. At all!

It's been a long time since I've felt dirty and disgusted w/myself and my actions.....but this get together kind of brought it all flooding back. I am what I am!


Bruiser said...

Nasty. I just read this after eating a bagel and cream cheese. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's not good. I've been super horny before, hooked up with someone online, met them, and then jusat said "Sorry" and walked away because they looked *nothing* like their pics or descriptions. It's incredibly frustrating, but sometimes you just have to.

Other times, though, I've let my horniness get the better of me, gone ahead and done the guy anyway, and regretted it later. I find that meeting someone else _really_ soon afterwards helps erase the memory of the bad one. :)