Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I know I haven't blogged any sexual adventures lately. I haven't had any new ones in a week - and no new ones on the horizon. But that is what is so great about sex - you just never know.

Anyone who is in 'it' just for the sex can find themselves at unexpected times helping out another guy in one form or another. Usually in a place you weren't expecting at a time that you wouldn't imagine.

I am, however, always preoccupied by sex. Always.

I can't be the only one - right? I mean - I'm the kind of guy who meets anyone and thinks about their dick (well..if they're a guy) even if I have no attraction to them. I'm the kind of guy who will check out every public restroom in a store, even if I don't have to go the bathroom. I'm kind of guy who will peruse personals in other states/cities to see what kind of guys are out there looking. Gay and straight.

I am the guy who can have a hard-on most of the day and play with it occasionally under my desk. Not necessarily take it out, but rub it at the very least.

Some are confused that I should be having sex to keep the title of this blog going - but as any recovering alcoholic or substance abuser will tell you: once and addict, always an addict.

The behaviour might be modified, but the thought and intent are still there.

My behaviour is modified by circumstance alone - namely - who is available and when. My intent is always there. Always.

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