Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 - I'm Gonna Like It

As I sit here typing this - I have a 5 day load of cum up my ass. How's that for jumping to the end of a story?

I was in the need for some kind of action. Being an extremely mild winter, I figured there would be people at one of the parks. I wasn't disappointed.

Shortly after I arrived, an SUV pulled up next to me. He was forward. He was blunt. He was hot and all man. In about 45 seconds I was following him back to his house. Inside he must have had his porn already running. He seemed like the kind of guy who always had it running. It was bi porn - which I don't mind, but it was just bad porn. That, I hate.

We stood there for a few minutes assessing each other. Shirts came off. Pants were dropped to the knees or ankles - depending on which one you were. His hands found my nipples - which is always a weak spot for me. And he knew just how to play them - not too hard, not too soft. I didn't say it verbally, but whatever he wanted, he could have had.

He grabbed my dick and then went to down to my nuts - it was all good. Then he every so slightly ran his hand at my taint and back to my hole. I'm guessing by gauging my response he knew he had me. He proceeded to do it 3-4 more times. With a clasp on my neck I went to his knees, but we both knew this was a just foreplay. He had a nice 7" THICK dick. Metal cockring surrounded his nuts. His full full nuts. He volunteered he hadn't shot in 5 days. Bonus for me.

He did surprise me after pulling off my 501s to going down and eating my ass. Not licking - but actually really going to town on it. I let him. Then a finger went in me. Then a thumb. I faux naively asked him what he thought he was doing. He told me he was fucking my ass. I told him needed to learn a thing or two about fucking then.

Taking the bait he dragged me back to a bed that was set up in his porn room. From a drawer he pulled out a bottle of lube and slathered my hole and his cock up. I was all to willing to let this ex-marine push my legs back and punch the head of his cock into me. It'd been a little while since I got fucked, so I felt it. No time to pull out any poppers, let alone inhale them, so chemicals to help relax. But I took it like a champ. I had to. I needed to.

He definately knew how to fuck and before I knew it he was on the edge. His shouting probably could have alerted neighbors - neither of us cared. He just unloaded and I took it.

The guy certainly meant well. He then lubed up my dick and wanted to stroke me off. A noble effort, but it wasn't the way I was looking to get off. I'm not sure hot I wanted to, but dumping my seed on my hairy torso wasn't the way i was thinking.

Hopefully, I'll figure that part out tomorrow. Tonite, but butt is a little sore but in a good way.

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The Average Joe said...

good on you for getting nice and bred