Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pick-Up Truck Pick-Up

So yesterday I went back to the park to see what there was to see. It took me all of about 2 minutes to have someone zero in on me. Though to be fair, I would have done the same to him anyway. Goateed semi-stud in a Ford F150. Even a somewhat nelly man can look butcher if in a real pick-up truck.

This guy had short cropped hair under his ballcap and blue mirrored sunglasses, even though it was greyer than anything outside. I was down with it. He pulled it off.

After rolling down the windows to our vehicles, we danced around the reason we were there. Sometimes you always talk in generalities in case they are the law. He asked what I was looking for and I told him I was good with my mouth. His response was, "for talkin'?". I said 'hardly'.

He followed up with 'What kind of mouth is it? Bad? Good? Great?'. I told him no one has ever told me 'bad' and usually got good to great ratings. I asked what kind of load he had. He said he had a big dick. I said, 'that's nice, but what kind of LOAD do you have? The load is more important to me than the dick.'. He said he hadn't come since last Thursday, making this a 4 day load. He said to follow him. I did.

Immediately he unbuckled his pants. He did have a nice thick cock. Maybe 7.5" w/a slight upward curve. Decent balls, and recently shaved at that. He took off his glasses and though he is probably my age, it is amazing what the ravages of smoking will do to one's skin. Without his sunglasses he looked at least 15 yrs older. But I wasn't there for that, I was there for cock and cum.

He loved how I enveloped his entire cock in my mouth and took him to the base. He wasn't horribly aggressive. I did expect hands on my head or back of the neck - but got none of that. I got no hip action of him feeding me either. He wasn't too verbal - at least in talking down to me. I got moans and groans. Some "oh yeahs".

I had tried to prompt him to say he was gonna shoot it down my throat. All I ever got is - wherever you want it I'll do it. Frustrating for a cocksucker who likes to be given direction, even if I have to start the process. I finally said, I want it in my mouth so I can swallow every drop. Some guys need step by step instructions. Oy.

But in about 15 minutes time, I got him close enough that he had had to nut. And I caught it all. I was expecting more after four days of no ejaculation - but such is the dilemna of the slut, always wanting more. Always.

I stayed on him and milked out every drop. I pulled off and stood up and he kind of shocked me / kind of made me laugh when he said, "the bathroom is right there!". I looked at him and said, "I don't need a bathroom!!!". Obviously he didn't take me at my word about swallowing every drop. I think he thought i was gonna spit it out.

As if!


B4SKIN said...

Too bad he didn't have a bigger load- how did it taste? Funny thing both you and RawTop wrote posts about smoking guys!

The Average Joe said...

hes a damn idiot if u thought u were gonna spit it out, only place u can spit it out is my hole and then u stick your cock in me