Thursday, January 11, 2007

You Don't Always Get What You Want

People have asked me why I double book "dates"*

It is because so many guys who say they need it so badly are and can be flakes. Sometimes I go to great lengths to get the word out there that I'm coming to someone's fair city. Craigslist. Manhunt. Men4SexNow. You name it. I always have a list of names (albeit screen ones), emails and sometimes cells. Sometimes I even have dates and times of our supposed encounters. It always falls to shit. Usually not do to my schedule.

Case in point - I'm in Hartford last night and had a good 8-9 people on the books. I am only here for one night. Though 8-9 would be excellent, I was hoping that would render me 2. I was that lucky....but not from those 8-9. Each one of those cancelled, wanted to rearrange tiimes ('can we make it 3:00a when I get off work?' Um......NO!). The best i guess is just the in-the-moment guys. The ones on line who are needing it immediately. Those are the two I got.

One was a guy who ended up being more sub than he ever portrayed. How sub? As soon as he walked in he went right down to my new Nunn-Bush black loafers and started licking them. Smelling them. Kissing them. And that made him rock hard. I could see it through his pants. That went on w/my socks and then my feet. It's safe to say he's probably watched the movie 'In Her Shoes' more than once.

I'll give him this - he had a great mouth. Usually guys who play w/my feet make me feel tickled, which I don't care for. He was very sensuous. He got me hard. He even sucked my dick - and pretty good too. But he didn't get me off. HE got off by sniffing the inside of my new loafer. Great for him! NOT!!!!

The second guy wasn't much better. A decent looking Manhunt 24 yo. 7" u/c dick. Ok, I'm digging it. I haven't had someone that young in I dont' know how long. Think of the guy who played Jess on "Gilmore Girls" who is now in the Rocky movie and the show "Heroes" - only dirtier....and nellier. Decent dick except for one thing. He smokes.

I know my last post had a smoking aspect to it. I'm not that into them, but I dont' turn them away. Actually, I love a man w/a cigar clasped in his jaw as he fucks my face or ass. But clearly this guy is a heavy-ish smoker and likes to stroke his cock with the same hand he holds his cigarette with. I'm not all that turned on by the taste of a nicotine dick. But I did him. I had to. I NEEDED it.

The rest of the evening was pretty much of a bust. I looked for cock in vain. I wanted in vein!

I'm in Hartford to interview. If I take this job, I'll be traveling more and more - which I like. But I GOTTA find a better way to use my time to score cock!

* Does not denote dinner and a movie, unless me putting out is the show and me eating their load is dinner!

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Michael said...

Jess from Gilmore Girls! I'm sooo jealous.