Friday, January 12, 2007

I Stand Corrected

Per my last post, the city of Hartford almost made up for their lack of follow-through on how to use a guy like me.

The hottest of the bunch - and my earliest cancellation - redeemed himself yesterday morning after me posting here. He called at 7:15a and asked if I was still available. I said I had to leave my hotel by 8:30. He told me that after showering he could be there in 15 minutes. I told him to fuckin' skip the shower.

I should mention that being pressed for time before my meetings, and not sure if he'd flake - I showered and suited-up. I had just adjusted my tie when there was a knock at the door.
The man showed up in 20 minutes and ready for action. He was as hot as his pic.

And his dick looked better in person.


The meat just kind of kept growing to about 8" and widening closer to the head, and tapered only slightly as it went to the base. It was a mouthful, but rest assured, I took him to the short hairs and he fuckin' loved it.

He claims to have loved my mouth. I know I loved his cock. He easily fed into my compliments of his dick and body. Look at that top pic - you know guys like that. They dig being told how hot they are. He readily acknowledged that many guys would like to be with him - but also said, 'but you're the one who gets it!'. ...and don't I know it.

He loved me on my knees in my full suit. Him having stripped of his sweats and standing in front of a guy who was on his way to a meeting, but was skipping the most important meal of the day to have THE most important meal of the day.

The guy was more into feeling up his chest than he was to holding my head on his big dick. Let's face it - he was more into himself than he was to me. Kind of vain, but it was ok. He had earned it.

I will say - he had the oddest sack I had ever tasted. The texture was unlike anything I had ever felt. Rough, weathered, more than wrinkled....the lines were deeper than that. Though he was well defined, he wasn't overly built up - but I'm not discounting steroid usage at some point. It's all I could think of.

Whatever it was didn't keep his cock down nor did it impact his load. It was a huge load that he just kept emptying into my mouth. "Here's your protien breakfast" he said. Not bad. I've heard worse.

Now, I'd never pull off too soon. But he made sure, verbally, that it would be a no-no to do so. Though I would have kept milking it, he kept providing little spurts of jizz after the big load. The very big load.

Of course, then I took it out of my mouth and I squeezed the shaft to get out even the last drops. I'd never miss one on purpose.

I stood up and told him I would keep that load in my mouth as long as possible. No coffee. No water. No nothin'. I wanted to go to my meeting with his sperm on my breath. And I did.

He was SO worth it. He made the trip to Hartford worth it.


The Average Joe said...

man my cunt got wet just looking at his pics

Anonymous said...

we've seen all these hot pics of you bein fed some nice bits of cock, but when are we gonna see some vids on x-tube?
Please please please... woudl get my cock even harder than it is now!