Sunday, March 25, 2007

First DC Trip (pt 2)

My second night in DC was a bust. I loathe dinners that last a long time - and 3.5 hours is about two hours too long. I had to do it because I'm new at my job and didn't want to be rude. I just about audibly groaned when someone goes, "sure, I'd like another decaf".

I'm thinking, I need to get back to the hotel to get on-line and get laid. But by the time I got back and got ready for the next morning (had to pack and leave by 7a to make my morning meetings) I knew nothing was going to happen.

Luckily, a guy who had answered my craigstlist ad whom I wanted to hook-up with couldn't make it until early early morning. 5:30a early. I was down with that - especially since he sent his profile/stats:

hey man, 43, 6'4"/240/bm/bi-married/military man here. masc/musc/hung9/athletic. definitely h/w portionate...could be in uniform if you like. would love to stop over en-route to work either Monday or Tuesday morning around 0530am.

I didn't care if I had to wake up an hour and a half early. His en-route destination: the Pentagon. All the elements were there for hot fantasy material.

Here's the good thing with military guys: punctuality. Boot camp must have drilled that into them (pun fully intended). He called from the lobby at 5:11a. His voice was deep and sensual. And though his ad did not say it, nor did I care, the voice led me to believe he might be african-american.

I got up, unlocked my door and left it ajar. I'd never seen his picture. I didn't know him. You could say I was taking a major risk. If you've read this blog at all, you could say that over and over and over.

The guy walks in - doesn't even knock. It's what I wanted, but you never know. I'm not looking for civilities here. If he wasn't black, he was mixed race. Honestly he looked mostly african-american with a hint of hispanic background. His description was on the fuckin' mark - down to the wedding ring.

The downer was no uniform. He apologized saying he had to hit the gym before work. He was a guy who hit the gym often. Yes it is trite to say his legs were like tree trunks, but after I got his pants down, it is the best way to describe them. His cock too. It turned out to be two THICK penises in as many days. I like DC men.

He was all feeder. He wanted me on my knees, which is good, because ultimately that is where I know I belong. As I was trying to fit his thick 9" in my mouth, I heard him say he wanted to fuck my face. I mumbled him encouragement - and he took the hint.

It wasn't long before he dragged me up from my knees telling me he wanted to have my head over the edge of the bed so he could stand over me and feed me. Fuck yeah! The man could gag me - and easily. It's a bummer that he could in some ways - as I like to see myself as a better cocksucker than that. But he was thick, long and powerful. He was telling me how much his wife still loved his fucking cock after all these years of marriage. Braggart.

While in that position, I did get to sample his nuts (nice and tight) and his ass (clean and tasty). He liked the tongue in the ass thing - and admitted to a few guys doing it before.

At some point he wanted to fuck my ass, but no way I could do that with his rod without some recovery time before I had to ride the Metro for an hour at a time. The results could have been disastrous. :) I told him 'next time'....because you just know he fucked like a champ.

He didn't have the nipple skills. He'd touch them and usually they are 'on' switches for me....but I got nothing from him...which is a shame. That makes me spread my legs faster than anything.

Eventually we got back to me on my knees and him feeding me like a man does. He wasn't loud or vocal and wasn't quite expecting his load. To be honest, I didn't know he was actually cumming. It seeped out of him and there wasn't a lot. I overlooked all of these little flaws because I was sucking off a military married man.

I pulled away with the load still in my mouth. I let him see it and grabbed his hand, which I am apt to do. Once again, I have a feeder who points me to the waste can. As if!

I took his hand and put it on my throat so he can feel me gulp it down. In amazement he goes, "you took it all". I squeezed his shaft and produced a nice pearl of jizz at the head and clean it off. "No, NOW I took it all".

What kind of guy who calls himself a cocksucker spit out the fucking load? It is something I've never been able to comprehend.

In a way, I'm glad some guys do spit or pull off. Feeders appreciate my talent and commitment all that much more.

Afterwards I did ask what branch of the service he was in. He hemmed and hawed and kind of choked out 'Air Force' - but I'm not believing him. This guy was Army or Marines for sure. I've never seen an AF guy this big.

I can't wait to get back to DC.

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I found you through yahoo...
Unfortunately I am not your taste of the day... or flavor maybe. I am enjoying your writings however. Best to you.