Sunday, April 22, 2007

Muscle Fuck

I think I'm going to forgo resubscribing to Manhunt. There are a lot of talkers out there, but not many doers. It's frustrating, especially when you're paying for the privilege to be on the site.

Craigslist as been much more forgiving to me. The responses are real. Not always good, but timely and immediate. I can easily get a dozen or two responses with any ad I post. Since most won't pan out anyway, my success rate is still pretty fucking good.

On my trip to DC this week, I posted one ad. The responses were too numerous to mention. Some I dismissed immediately. Some dismissed me. Some just became 'got a picture' even though I posted one in the ad. I'm here to take loads - not swap pics.

There was even one guy in my hotel who was interested and it finally came down to 'are you into phone sex'? WTF???? Get the FUCK OUT OF HERE.

Finally I got a few decent responses. I was up for a group but none of these guys were. So it became a timing issue.

30 5'8 185 shaved head reddish goatee hazel hairy 6.5 cut, neg, big shooter here.

He may have been 30. MAYBE. I'd say closer to 40...which was still very cool. But he needs a ruler. I'd say 5". He also had an incredible muscle chest.

BUT he was hyper-masculine and it all worked. Though he alluded to being a foul-mouthed top - he turned out to be a heavy-breathing, silent type. I can work with that.

Very little oral he wanted. He had me on my back as he broke out the Gun Oil. I will say, I loved that stuff more than Astroglide. I don't normally go for guys lubing me up and stroking me, but his hands felt incredible. Maybe it was the oil. Maybe a combination.

Soon enough his cock was up me. I had popper to help loosen me up, but with his 5", I didn't really need them.

He was a good and experienced fucker. Slow. Methodical. Alternating pace, depth and intensiveness (is that a word?). He pulled out for a bit and I ate his hole. He wanted no fingers anywhere near that bud. This guy was mostly all top. I was loving it.

Back on my back he pumped. I asked if he liked it raw, like he was putting it to me. He nodded and uttered one of his only sentences: "How else are you gonna cum up that ass?". fucking true.

He pulled out again and just looked down on me as he stroked some. I don't think it was his intention to get so close that way - but he did.

Being what I'm assuming was to be experienced, he wasn't going to waste the time and effort he put into travel and penetration. In a heartbeat he pushed back in and unloaded.

He kept his cock up there for a long time. He told me he wanted me to keep his load up there as long as possible. Then he asked, how long I would do it for. I told him - 'all night'.

And I did.

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Anonymous said...

I believe the word you wanted was "intensity."