Saturday, April 21, 2007

What's a BJ Worth?

Last Tuesday evening, I had to go pick up my newly serviced car before the dealership closed. As it happened, the place was close by a feeder who would give me his meat and au jus once in a while.

On a whim, I emailed him from my phone at the dealership as I was gearing to leave. His 'roommate' was home, but if I could park near-by and walk down his drive to the side garage, he'd oblige my need to eat.

Fuck - I've done worse, so sure I went.

In a suit and walking down a steep street with no sidewalks and heavy traffic, I did as I was told. He was waiting as promised.

The guy is a grower, not a show-er (you really can't type 'shower' without it looking like something different). But I knew this. A new cocksucker might be disappointed in what he would encounter.

In a heartbeat I was on my knees in said suit. On his garage floor. I went to work and did it well - if I say so myself. Luckily I didn't need to - his moans, groans and expletives pretty much confirmed it all for me.

The guy always has the best tasting jizz. Today was no different - kind of.

Normally, he isn't that vocal. So when he was really moaning, and I was getting a mouthful of liquid I knew I had done my job.

All of the sudden he asked if I was 'ready for it'. HUH?

The fucker had not cum. All the spooge in my mouth was pre-cum. The fucker pre-came more than most guys holding a load for a week. Without further ado, I was sprayed with a big dose of semen.

Naturally, I got it all. He was happy. I was elated.

I did the walk of no-shame back up the hill to my car. I got home and later that night needed to pack for a business trip and to charge my Blackberry. ..the Blackberry that was no longer in my house or in my briefcase, or in my car or anywhere to be found.

A quick email the next morning - he claims not to have seen it or run over it (as I blew him next to his SUV). He even walked his driveway.

FRICK. I can't tell the boss i lost it while I made an appointment to give head - can I?

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