Sunday, April 29, 2007

After Work Stress Reliever

Right before the muscle guy got to my room - I got a message fro a near-by guy who needed to nut after a long stressful day after work. He said to email when the first guy was gone - maybe he'd still be in the office.

G-d I wanted least by his description.

29, 34w, med build, 5'10'', 175lbs, 7.5 thick&cut

He was everything he said...and more. Black.

I didn't give a fuck about his skin color. Handsome. Professional. Great attitude. GREAT COCK.

Barely did he open his pants. He just stood there waiting for relief from a long fuckin day at work. He loved my pink lips going down on his thick dark meat. He loved that I took every inch too.

Soon his hands found my head - as happens with most good feeders. They need something to grab on to. I like the way they feel.

We played around with me eating his nuts and him fingering my hole. If he felt a load in there he said nothing. He did take some of my Astroglide and put in on his dick. I thought he'd fuck me too - but it was not meant to be. I would have loved to feel that thick prick stretch that hole.

He insisted I get back down on his cock - and I did. He fucked my skull and I took it. He was ready to nut and I was ready to take it.

It was slightly unfortunate that it was not a big load....or even that tasty. But he enjoyed it - and I loved doing it for a guy like that. I never even left my knees and let him let himself out.

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