Sunday, July 29, 2007


Is that too much to spend on porn, lube and poppers?

It probably is - but I did it anyway.

While I have had pretty good luck getting laid while I travel on the road for this job, there is always the chance I will just need my left hand - though you all know I rarely rarely rarely jack off.

But I picked up a Treasure Island Media double DVD disk, a bottle of Gun Oil and some unmarked poppers. The only reason I got those is because they are one of the few I don't think I've ever tried - so what the heck.

It was then the clerk told me they were $25. $25?????????? He then told me to be careful with them or they'd blow my fuckin head off. (ok....I added the 'fuckin'' part).

I'm off to DC tomorrow morning - so we'll see if the oil and poppers work - or if it will be me and my left hand.

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