Friday, July 27, 2007

More Adventures

Long time no hear from – eh?

I’ll try to rectify that. Or rectal-fy. (oh…I kill me!)

I was back in DC last week and another round of ads on Manhunt and craigslist. And by round of ads, I think I placed one each. Manhunt hasn’t done much for me but I have never failed to score via craigslist.

If you notice, sooooo many bottoms advertise there that you’d think there is no way I’d get “lucky” when I posted. Clearly, that isn’t the problem. There seem to be a number of guys looking to get off. That I put it out there that I am from out of town probably doesn’t hurt. I’m guessing they can feel like they can unzip, get off and go. Which is pretty much I what I fuckin’ want them to do.

This time I threw out an ad for married guys. I never really get that specific, but I figured if nothing panned out, I’d just submit a more general ad. As it turns out none was needed. I’m guessing I got almost two dozen responses. A few got tossed out by me immediately. A few tossed me out after I responded to them. It is sexual darwanism at its most basic.

It ended up coming down to a few guys. As usual, guys fell through the cracks (no pun intended….or maybe not), so I ended up with three encounters.

Guy #1
A kid (27 yo) from Turkish descent. He presented better than the picture he sent. He was thin they flabby – if that makes sense. His cock was about 6.5” and thin. But he was enthusiastic. Playing hookey from work, he dropped by and dropped his shorts.

The kid wanted to kiss, and I’m down with that – but immediately, before lips even attempted to lock, I knew he’d be bad at it. The guy came at me with teeth bared – it wasn’t so much a pucker as a silent growl. It was no fun kissing him, so I avoided it by hitting my knees.

He seemed appreciative of my mouth to cock action. At least his staff responded. We played in a few positions: me on my knees, him standing or me on my knees, him sitting on the edge of the bed or me on my back on the bed, him above me. It was all doable. I did pull out the digital camera, and pics were taken, but none of them were very flattering to me…in the slightest, so you will not be seeing them here! I never delete them from my hard drive though….it’s ok for posterity sake. But, in almost no time at all after the picture session (I think it turned him on), he was getting his nut…and I was taking it. Every drop of it. In almost no time after that, he was pulling up his shorts and out the door.

Guy #2
A second man who represented in real-life much better than his picture let on. His picture seemingly made him look beefier and blonder than he was. Not that I would have turned that down either. But he was slightly slimmer than his pic and the hair had a silvery glint to the blond.

During our email exchanges he asked if I had condoms (as if!), lube and had cleaned myself out. I had lube. But I also mentioned nowhere did I mention that I agreed to take it up the ass. He sent back a ‘just in case you wanted to’ email. I told him I would clean out – and hit a drug store.

The guy showed and like I said, was pretty hot. Inked in a number of places, between that and his body, I pegged him for ex-military. Something he didn’t acknowledge or deny.

I believe I got to suck him for all of five minutes before he pulled me off and said, ‘oh yeah – you’re gonna take it up the ass’. Whether I wanted to or not (I did), I liked his cocky, self-assured attitude best of all. Anyone who reads this blog for content usually never sees one word ‘rubber’ or ‘condom’. This guy insisted on it and he was hot enough for me to look the other way. Not literally – as him ripping open the wrapper with his teeth was as trite as it was hot. He could pull off the entire act – and he did.

The dick was almost 7”, but meaty. And he knew how to use it. He said he’d be gentle, but neither of us believed it – not that either of us stated it. Just one of those things guys know. He softly put the head to my ass and then pushed it in balls-deep….all with a cocky grin on his face.

With not chance for me to adjust, he just started plugging away. As I mentioned, he was very adept on how to use what he had. During the act – he mentioned he started fucking guys when he was 14 – starting with his father’s best friend, through the military and well, up to that very second.

He did a really good job of pumping my butt, but he said, “Look how fuckin’ easy you are! I’m giving it to you hard and you seem to be able to take it pretty well”. He was giving to me good, but not hard. Not as hard as he thought – or maybe as hard as I had taken it in the past. Maybe I am easy. (discuss amongst yourselves!)

Clearly he was in this only for himself…..and that’s ok. I am so down with that, I cannot even begin to relay. I’ve tried in the past with guys and for some reason, they seem to have to justify their wanton lust and pretend to say they care about my pleasure too…or worse….that they apologize for how I’ve been treated by others where I like it that way.
He was not one of these guys.

After about 30 minutes he pulled out and stood next to my head and told me to put it in my mouth. Gladly I took it. But just as glad that he took ahold of my head and pushed it in deep. You know how I like an aggressive guy who takes over that way – even though deep down he knows I’m more than willing.

I did toss him my camera to take pics, which he was good with. He snapped a few of my extended tongue and his load squirting out of him and onto said tongue. I MIGHT crop them and post here, but I might not. No begging for them – it won’t do you any good.

The load was sizeable (considering he had gotten off earlier in the day) and tasted good. He had no desire to get a copy of the pics. He said he saw the real thing. He really wanted no reminder of this event. The perfect as-anonymous-encounter-you-can-get-via-the-internet-where-email-addresses-are exchanged encounter.

Guy #3
This guy almost didn’t happen. He was my one Manhunt hook-up. Great exchanges and he left for the hotel – 30 minute arrival time. After 70 minutes, I fuckin gave up on him and went out to dinner with friends.

I came back and the guy was back on Manhunt. Within seconds he said he was heading to my place. Whereas it might have been 30 minutes in his last estimation, I think he was there in 15. Good looking. Hairy. Jewish. My three weaknesses (not in that order).

The man was a kisser. He was aggressive about it and good at it too. I’m sure by the time we were done, my lips and surrounding areas were red and slightly swollen. And it was so worth it.

The cock was again, average (not that there is anything wrong with that), but the man knew how to use it….as well as he did his mouth. He could take me to the root and without the hint of a tooth or gag reflex. He liked how I took him all the way down also. But I knew that with him – it was not going to end in oral gratification.

We ended up fucking in ever position. We started with me on my back at the edge of the bed, but ended up moving everywhere around it. Then, of course, there was me kneeling on the bed at the edge with him behind me. His favourite was me sitting on his dick. I love that too – I cannot deny, but it is so hard to control myself from shooting. I can do that without touching myself when I’m riding a dick. He liked it best when I’d lean back and his cock was in me at I guess a 30 degree angle (I’m not a math whiz). Yeah – he loved that. And I loved it – looking at his lust-filled face as I rode him and he’d meet my downstrokes with an upward thrust. He made the most of what he had.

Eventually he got me on my stomach and bred me like a bitch. That was hot – his mouth at my ear….him pumping away hard. But I did want to see his face as he got close to and commenced the ejaculation process. Alas, it was not meant to be. With full weight atop of me, his load shot up my ass and I took it all. But you knew that.

Naturally, I always expect guys to be done after they cum. I am really ok with that. But this guy was concerned I didn’t get off… he went to work with his mouth to make sure it happened. It took a little while (damn fuckin poppers!), but he scored a six or seven day load out of me. I may have gagged him a bit – and well, I kind of like that.

Not bad for a day’s work. And here I am – headed back to DC in two days. Now I’m looking for all new adventures.

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The Average Joe said...

i love men like the inked one. total tops who know what they want whether youre down for it or not and TAKE IT. too bad he wore a rubber.

hot jewish dude breeding your pussy, even better. u got my cock dripping reading your smut.

and yeah you are easy u filthy pig.