Wednesday, July 04, 2007

CL Hook-Up

Yes, I know I still haven’t finished relaying some of my DC stories from last trip – and yet I am slated to head back there in a week, from which I will have even MORE stories. I love traveling for work!

This encounter is more recent – from last Friday exactly.

I’m finding that craigslist is a much better on-line tool (hehehe, I said ‘tool’) than Manhunt, M4MSexNow, Cruisingforsex or Squirt – even with the anemic postings that Cleveland has. The response is more immediate and guys are seemingly more willing. I have found this true in other cities as well. Ok….enough of my on-line cruising habits…..

I placed a craigslist ad being vague as can be, as to leave the possibilities open as to guys who might like a menu of things. I hate to limit the responses I get because the ad limits what I state. If you read this thing, you know I’m open to most things – I just try not to scare guys off at first glance.

I got only a few responses, but each one viable. Timing though – and a flurry of emails really limited the choice to one.

‘Steve’ said he was 35, but could have passed for a guy in his 20s. It probably didn’t hurt that he lived younger than what I consider a normal 35 yo to live. But maybe I’m just an old man.

The apartment is new and overlooks the lake, but it is a one bedroom that has what I’d consider single-guy furniture. The tv as blasting TRL on MTV. Not only did I not know that the show was still on, the ‘music’ was distracting and just bad. How does a 35 yo suit-wearing, white collar man relate to Kanye West and the other rappers they had on the show? The AF underwear he wore (which didn’t stay on long) always says “I’m holding on to my youth as long as possible” kind of thing. Yes – I AM an old man.

Steve was about 6’ but slim. Not an ounce of fat on him, but hardly defined. Though 35 he looked boyish. Is it possible he hit the wrong key and meant ‘25’? He had a good tan and some nice tan lines.

In the whiter area he had a trimmed bush but a nice cock. His email exchange said 6.5”, but he was much closer to 7.5” – and a nice thick knob. The knob and the shaft disappeared down my mouth soon enough… he watched. I love guys who don’t always throw their head back and go into another world – though there is something to be said for that scenario.

I like the guys who live in the moment who know what is going on and acknowledge it – verbally and non. He loved the idea of watching every inch go away….then reappear. The process was repeated a few hundred times. Some of those were by my doing, some were by his hand on my head and hips thrusting. We alternated on who was passive – the eater or the feeder.

Steve also claimed to wanting his ass eaten. I had no issue doing that – even telling him he needn’t shower after getting home from work.

The guy had a nice butt – what can I say? My tongue found his crack and his hole. With him being bent over the couch and TRL blaring, I know he was saying something or at least moaning, but I never heard specifics. I was also up to my palate in hole.

I’ve mentioned before, regardless of their ads or their response ‘top’ never seems to mean much. Maybe I have a truly wrong impression of the word, but it is one where I never expect a guy to drop to his knees. Maybe I just have THAT nice of a rod that it turns them all queer. Ok….I kid…..kind of. I mean, I do have a really nice dick. I’d blow me if I could.

Anyway, more than once, Steve took swipes on my dick – and he was no novice. I mentioned I doubted this was his first time – and he responded, “you seem have done this a number of times yourself”. I couldn’t argue that one. I pride myself on the job that I do.

I won’t say he got me all the way down and he made no attempts to get the load out of it, but it felt damn good. The enveloped mouth over my shaft. I’ve had better, but it felt great at the moment.

Eventually he led me to his extremely small bedroom, but for how we were using it, the space was just fine. I alternated eating his dick and then his ass.

The hole was extremely responsive to my tongue and the air I’d blow on it. The thing would just wink at me. When my tongue would take a break, my wet thumb would run over it. Once the hole just opened up and swallowed the entire thumb. Little resistance, yet still snug and warm. I don’t think he’d only taken thumbs up there before either.

I asked him if he’d ever had an ice cube up there and he replied in the negative. I took it upon myself to go his freezer and take two out. Naturally I dulled the edges of the cubes by putting them into my mouth. But then I slipped them both up his ass. He shuddered, as they all do but loved it (as they all do). I’ll hand it to the boy, he held on to the melted water. There was no sucking it out of him.

But now he wanted to get off. I could have done it right then and there or held off another two hours. He was kind of hot. And into it!

I had Steve stand and I went down onto my knees and really started going for the prize. Rock hard he was and started telling me where the cum was and how close he was getting. I don't know if it was for his own amusement or if he thought I might change my mind and not take the load. I stayed on him and he started unloading.

For a guy who jacked off the night before, he had a pretty big fuckin load - but it was the force of how it came out that impressed me too.

Remembering something from one email - he said he liked to see his load. And since I like to hold it before I ingest it, with his dick still in my mouth, I opened wide so he could see shaft, tongue and spooge. He looked down and said "Awesome". Maybe he was 25.

Before I even made it home, he had sent an email my way: That was mad hot! Thanks. You are very sexy! That was great sex. Text me or email, ping me whenever.

Man - how fuckin needy! : ) He must be 25.


Anonymous said...

This was a hot story, Keep up the good work!!! Also speaking about how hot your cock is, has got me wondering...You think you could post a pic???

B4SKIN said...

Next time you're in Atlanta- hit me up boy- I've got quite the load for you.