Sunday, March 30, 2008

On the Clock

I guess I still have (at least) one more unreported encounter from the other week.

I was traveling for work (as usual) and one of my on-line ads in the morning before I had to head to a client site made it to someone's PC. The joke, if you want to call it that, was the response came from a place I used to work eons ago.

Bud..i can be there in 4 min…42, 180#, 6'….love to get and give head.

All my ad said was I was looking to get guys off. He provided a picture, a work phone number and work email address. Yikes - he wanted it bad. For all my indiscretions (and obviously, there are many!), using a work phone/email is never going to be two of them. To each his own - I wasn't going to publish them or anything.

I called, as emails get bogged down and delays the necessary transaction of fluid exchange. I also told him I was not looking to get head. He was ok with that. Then I told him his 4 minutes were ticking and to get it in gear.

I know how long it takes to get from his area to my hotel, so I was surprised when he made it about 5-6 minutes. Usually it would take that long to get to one's car...if not double that.

His real-life self matched his pic. His dick was about 6.5" - average thickness. There was some sucking, but his playing with my nipples almost immediately put an end to that. I quivered enough that he knew he could take it further. And we did.

On the bed, with his spit covered dick, he pushed it right inside of me. And I took it.

As I took a long hit of poppers and he pumped my ass, he went on to tell me how his father has been fucking his ass since he was 12. Yeah, so for the last 30 years, his father and brother both fuck his ass - and he's married. ....and his wife is none the wiser.

Of course, I'm such a fucking cynic, I don't believe a word of it, but know enough to play along if it is going to help him get off. It's not quite role playing, but I was indulging some fantasy of his for sure. He pumped harder as he told me his dad would love to fuck my ass and that he'd gladly invite me to his dad's farm where all three men would pump my butt where no one else would see or hear.

He was as much of an exhibitionist as I am, so when he suggested we fuck right in front of the window - curtains open - I said 'not a problem'. But it turned out to be for him. He wasn't long for the fuck after we got going again.

After we positioned ourselves and he re-penetrated me, I am thinking it was less than two minutes before he announced he was going to unload.........and he did. A ten day load, according to him....and it sure could have been has he kept throbbing over and over while in me.

He straightened up and headed back to work. I packed up my laptop, brushed my teeth, then took a shower and headed to a client site to meet with them and my staff for the next 5 hours. Fully loaded.


Anonymous said...

That's one of the hottest things I've ever heard...I'd love to have a real father and son breed me.

The Average Joe said...

oh that was so fucking hot. you know much a daddy trip mixed with barebacking drives me nuts, esp with poppers.