Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fucked x 2

While still in DC, I am always looking for more than just giving head. Lots of times, I find that that is what many guys are comfortable with, but there are times (many, in fact) that I have an itch for more.

Again, it was through one of my craigslist ads – which by the way, I have had to get creative about just to get around CL and their ‘you’ve posted a similar ad in the last 48 hours’ rule. But I found a guy who was wanting to fuck and he was not far away. He also provided a pic and stats that weren’t so bad. Nothing stellar, but nothing horrid.

The real-life guy moved the bar a bit more to horrid from the stellar side, but in reality he was still closer to the middle. A little heavier than his pic and stats said, but not fat fat. My issue, and I’ve said it here before, is the smoking. Not casual or social smoking, but guys who almost do it as a profession.

It is one thing if you’re blowing them and only have to smell it on their clothes, it’s another if with every exhale you have to smell it from their breath. And when they are on top of you, fucking you, and slightly overweight – trust me, they are breathing heavier too. And they are also the guys who usually want to make out.

That being said, my desire to take it up the ass as greater than me sending him away for that.

The guy had a respectable 7" dick and was good at using it too. Honestly, I think we fucked in almost every position. We started on my back and I have to say, I think that was the place we stayed in for the longest time - 20 minutes or so. Eventually, we moved over the the window area.

Yeah, I'm an exhibitionist, but no one was going to see this - not really, if at all. The window was high up - enough for me to lean on/against it, but not low enough to be sure I was naked below my waist, or that someone was humping me. And we were on the 6th floor. Who has that kind of eyesight?

But he loved it. He thought at least the idea was great. I'm guessing he was an exhibitionist too.

Then we headed back to the bed. He laid back and I sunk myself down onto his pole. He loved it. Actually, I did too. I love riding a cock like that. Many times I can't control my issues with ejaculation and as it turns out, I don't really like not being in control. Those who say the bottom has the power, I think are right - at least 75% of the time.

He matched my ride with his upward hip thrusts - ensuring he'd get as deep as possible. The guy was moaning and moving so much, he could have been cumming at any time during the 10 minutes we were in that position and I might not have known it. Truth be told, my legs started to strain in that position, but I really wanted him to finish off.

I started using all my power to make it happen. I massaged his rod with my muscles the best way I knew how. Not in a certain rhythm, because that's what I assumed one would expect. No, I'd do it just now and again. He loved that too. Enough where it finally sent him over the edge. He pumped a big load right up my ass.

But I stayed where I was and he made no attempt for me to get off him. By continuing to flex my internal "love" muscle, I could make the man shudder - no matter how many times I did it. And I did it often, each time getting a similar reaction, while simultaneously milking any remaining sex fluid out of his flesh tube.

I thought afte the dismount he'd get up, dress and leave - like most tricks do. But no - he wanted to blow me.

Now, I had been stroking myself for hours (or was it days?) and a little raw down there. A good mouth could have made it ok, but whatever his technique, it just aggravated the situation. I wasn't going to cum - no way, no how.

But I let him do it for maybe 10 minutes - all the while he was still stroking himself, as he'd never really gone soft. All of the sudden, he announced he had to cum again. Good man.

Immediately, I positioned myself at the window again and without a word, he knew what to do - he pushed in and all the way and gave me a dozen hard deep strokes and unloaded again.

After that, he left - and I went to bed satisfied. Yeah, I didn't get off, but as usual, that was not the goal. I had gotten what I wanted. Twice.

So did he.

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Esteban said...

HOT! :-)

too bad for the cigarette breath of the guy... really disgusting....