Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Poetry In Motion

Sorry for all the delays in posting anything. It’s been one of those lulls. It’s bad for me. Bad for the blog. Bad for you.

Hopefully things are turning around – even if ever so slowly. I’m still getting some semi-regular blowjobs, but I’m not providing relief to anyone. I need to be pushed to my knees or bent over. I’m ok with either, actually.

That all being said, I finally had a new encounter with a new guy. He is an L.A. transplant, but not in that faux pretty boy style Los Angeles. More like San Fernando, ‘I worked as a fluffer’ kind of side of town. One who probably had a hard life and fled L.A. to escape that lifestyle.

The craigslist ad read he wanted to suck cock – and maybe more. And to show how dirty you are.

I think he meant that last line more literally than I read into it. That didn’t come up until much much later (after the fact, actually). Not to get ahead of myself.

The plan was for him to suck my dick, lick my balls and eat my ass. The picture he put in his ad was one of a big fat dick, so in my mind, there was more to this than just the things I spelled out for you. A boy can hope – right?

He wasn’t too far from my work and not too far from my home, so I headed over one evening after leaving the office. He was waiting on his porch.

Immediately we went back into his bedroom. No pretense, no hesitation. I pulled at my belt and dropped my suit pants. He popped open his jeans and dropped those. Underwear came off too.

I walked over and stood by the bed, he went to his knees.

The mouth was great. Smooth. Warm. Enough suction with no real resistance. Not teeth. And hitting tonsils. It was just what I hope my blowjobs feel like to other guys. I was rock hard in a second and a half.

Soon enough I was leaning back on the bed watching my tool disappear in his mouth. Then I just put my head down and enjoyed the experience. I let him go south and lap at my balls. I had not forgotten his wanting to lick my ass either, but I like my balls lapped at – what can I say?

But I know enough to get what I want without the use of words. My legs spread more and more giving him access to my sack, but what it really paved the way was for his tongue to find my taint and to the bullseye below that. He took the bait. Don’t they all? Men aren’t all that complicated. We really aren’t.

His tongue found its way south to my hole and fuck did it feel good.

If you remember my post from last fall about me eating a guys ass for two hours and spraining my tongue – this is what this dude was on his way to doing. For a good 45 minutes he tongues, ate, kissed, blew on, gnawed and tongue-fucked my hole.

He also pulled my nuts hard when doing some of it. He asked if he was hurting me and chuckled when I said, “I haven’t said ‘ouch’ or ‘stop’”. I’m a big boy – I can handle it. Trust me. (well….really…..you probably shouldn’t.)

At one point I got on all fours so he’d have different access. I can’t say better, because it always depends on the guys, the venue, the height, etc. You know what I mean – that is, if you’ve been there before. I’ll assume it was better, but I never asked. It was all good for me.

He started using his thumb and fingers to play with the hole when he’d go back to my nuts and cock. I won’t say it was like a bank vault or anything – I mean, he got access, but let’s face it, it’s been awhile. I haven’t been doing keggles or anything but things tighten up when not properly stretched on a regular basis.

He was also playing with his cock, which to be honest, I had not really seen outside of the picture. He rubbed its hardness on my hole and up and down the crack. I thought he would. I wished he would. But he didn’t.

He muttered more to himself than to me, “not yet……………..not yet”. Instinctively I knew he didn’t mean that moment – he meant that day. Oddly enough, I was ok with it and highly aroused. You know I’d gladly let him sink that thing raw and unseen. I think he knew it too.

The guy went back to my butt and ate it while I played with my cock. This had been going on for three-quarters of an hour by now and I was ready to burst and told him so. Like the pro he is, the shaft disappeared and so did the load. A big load. Not a drop was wasted. Loved it.

As I was getting ready to go, he asked if next time I could make sure my ass wasn’t SO clean. Hence his double meaning of being ‘dirty’ I guess. I could see where he was coming from – though I’m not sure that’s where I’m coming from. Musky and manly is one thing. Truly dirty? Not sure it’s my scene at all.

But I’m open and can see where it goes and what he means.

I hadn’t made it home before he sent me a follow up email. Five words. That’s all. …and I fucking loved it.

dude, your ass is a poem!

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