Sunday, June 07, 2009

Shower Suck Off

Today was a gym day. Unremarkable by most standards - as I have mentioned that I don't fool around at the gym. Or at least I have not in the past.

As I mentioned a few posts back, the gym shower is undergoing renovations. The temporary showers have curtains on them - and the actual temporary locker room is in another building and in a basement. It is kind of a perfect set-up for mischief - if the crowds are not too big.

Like today.

After my workout I was the only person down there. I stripped down and was about to talk into the shower area when in walked another guy.

I've seen this guy around town and a few times at the gym. He is a hot-shot lawyer and has strong connections to the governor and such. He is about my age, 6' 180 with short, light brown hair. I also assumed he was queer - always have.

We made eye contact as I was strolling with no towel wrapped around my mid-section. I'm not horribly shy as you might imagine. I think he made more than contact with my eyes.

I purposely pick a shower at the far wall (I always do), but also don't completely close my curtain. Water goes on and I start to soap up.

Like clockwork "Tim" takes the shower across from me and he does not completely draw his curtain either. I had forgotten that the soap dispenser in that shower is missing and he actually moves to the one next to it, but one that is still across from me. The curtain is only 80% closed. Perfect.

I look out and catch him doing the same. It seems like a lifetime but it really is about 90 seconds of cruising. I soap my dick. He pulls on his. We both grow to very respectable lengths. Tim then jumps over to his first shower for me to get a better view. Trust me, the one I had was just fine.

He then mouths to me (since we weren't 100% sure there was no one who had entered the locker room) "can I come over?". I nod in the affirmative. He hustles over and for the first time, the shower curtain is pulled tight.

Each of our right hands found the other's now erect dicks. But there was only a few stroked before I just went to my knees. Granted before I made it down there, his hands were on my shoulders. Before I got my mouth to the base of his cock, his hands were at the back of my head.

...and there they stayed.

Tim took charge, nicely, but he was still in charge. It was a silent time, but he thrust in and out of my mouth. It was fucking heaven.

Dominance. 8" hard penis. Public sex. Silent sex.

We were operating on borrowed time. He never let up on this thrusts - nor did I want him to. But we both knew what was going to happen. Too soon, but right on time - his staff stiffened and out came his load.

And it went right to where we both wanted it to go - in my mouth and down my throat.

As soon as the deed was done, we were done. He made no attempt to get me off and that was ok with me - as you might imagine.

Tim peeked out of the curtain and then when he knew the coast was clear - beat a path to his shower. I finished shaving, dried off and headed back to my locker.

I was almost fully dressed when he came out - his locker right across from mine. Though no one was there, there were few looks, but not out embarrassment or indecency - it was just that the deed was over. We had no emotional connection - nor did we want one (yes, I'm speaking for him too).

We grinned once or twice and I grabbed my gym bag. Still being the only ones there, he spoke out as I made my way to the door, "see you later".

I replied, "I certainly hope so".

Now I do not mind that the showers are under renovation. I hope they go over the August 1st timeline for getting the showers fixed.


cb said...

Nothing better than a bj at the gym! Reminds me of my old gym...

Anonymous said...

**HOTT** story! I love public sex, and the chance for cruising or even just a glimpse were my main motivations for going. I need to get back to a good gym....