Monday, May 25, 2009

More Locker Room Stuff

You know how I said a few posts ago I mentioned snagging fallen clothing from the gym locker room floor?

I also said it was never my intention to lift something from someone's gym bag. That almost changed the other day. Almost.

This fairly hot guy was in the gym and as I was coming out of the shower area, he was going in. Three hundred lockers and no one in the locker room - and what locker to do you think he takes? Yes, the one next to mine.

But like so many, his open gym bag is just sitting on the bench. Taking UP the bench. And on top lay a pair of damp UA shorts. Honestly, I came so so so close to snagging those, stuffing them in my gym bag and bolting.

But they weren't the only thing on the bench. No, next to his gym bag was also this little number:

And as much as those uniform pants and belt buckle made the guy even hotter - and the idea of taking the shorts that much hotter, I opted not to take them.

The main reason? I was the only other person in the locker room and he had clearly seen me. It's not like anyone else had access to them.

Hell, I barely had the nerve to take the picture for fear he'd come back and see that - though maybe that could have led to a much more interesting post.

Maybe next weekend.


Anonymous said...

What was his cock like?

CockSearch2009 said...

That's absolutely spectacular. That kind of experience is what makes chasing men totally worthwhile.

I'm melting in my seat here, wishing I could bury my face in those shorts. So hot.

I'd have at least gone in for a sniff.

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