Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Return of the Ass Eater

The guy from a few weeks ago sent me a message that he'd like to eat my ass......again.

Who am I to say 'no'?

Let's face it, the guy did an incredible job. One that I would do to someone else with all that attention to detail.

I had an appointment around the corner, so it was a quick walk to his place. He was waiting. And like last time it was directly into the bedroom and pants came off - both of ours. I stripped off my suit too.

His mouth went around my dick and it felt wonderful. The guy is truly gifted when it comes to giving head. But while I knew that he'd want to do more of that eventually, he wanted my ass. And I tried to accommodate his need. If you remember, he wanted me a little more 'ripe' than I care to be.

I probably didn't go as much as he wanted, but as much as I was willing to take on. For all my perversions - being dirty isn't one of them. But we've all been there when we had that not-so- fresh feeling. I just like to minimize those times whenever possible.

But like last time, he ate like a pro and I took it like one. On my back, on my stomach and on my knees. He did some incredible things with his tongue on my taint. Just really sent me flying.

Without me knowing about it he came while jacking off. No reason I should have known, as I was on my belly and he was kneeling behind me. I couldn't see a thing. And he played with my ass a lot.

What I didn't know (also) was he was scooping up his load and pushing it up my ass. Very hot. And he never lost his hard-on.

You don't need a Ph.D. to figure out what he planned for next. It was long overdo for me and he was the right guy at the right time. He pushed right up me and lasted all of two minutes. But I came to fine he was playing with himself all along.

That's ok too. I wasn't looking for an LTR. : )

And to be fair, he went down and licked up my crack while maintaining his load up my hole.

Oh - then he sucked me dry.

Not a bad way to end a Tuesday.

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cb said...

About fucking time!!