Monday, July 13, 2009

On My Knees


Remember me?

Actually, there is no good reason you should. I've been a lax sex addict and and even worse blogger. My bad. I fully cop to it.

I have to say, I haven't been entirely sexless. I mean, I am breathing male. I'm not a monk. But mostly it has been me getting head, and apparently to some of you, that was not cutting the mustard, so I just kind of gave up writing about it.

I enjoy getting head and dumping my nut, but it's not where my heart is - that is if I had one. You all know I'd rather be on my knees or bent over somewhere. That is where my true talents lie. I can't help it if I have a big dick. And I know guys think me tending to bottom is a waste, but I can't help what they think either.

I gotta be me.

My problem has been lack of opportunity. I hate not traveling because it was soooooooooo easy to get laid. Everyone loves a slut who jets into town and then out. Someone they never have to see again. I liked being that slut too.

But this town, and a new job had limited my opportunities - and I do not like that. I could settle for way below average cock on morbidly obese guys, but that is so not my scene.

Today was different though. I hadn't been on Manhunt forever and I got tired of my email telling me I had messages. They were all for ads, but I just waned to clear them. When I did, someone messaged me. He seemed decent - and a top, so hell - how could I turn it down?

As it turns out I didn't want to. I was gonna make this work for me (and him) no matter what.

A few emails later, I was leaving work and going to his office. His office located in a warehouse - which all the laborers had left for the day. His was the only car there, and as instructed, I buzzed and he let me in remotely.

I made my way upstairs and found him in his office, pants off, cock rock hard.

The guy (no names exchanged), was about 40...maybe 5'10" and 160. He had thinning blonde hair and about 7.5 solid inches. Maybe 8. And they were cut. And it was fairly thick - though he didn't think it was.

I've seen enough dicks to know when it's thick or not. I think I have the credentials to make the determination.

He was sitting on a sofa in his office and as promised, I dropped right to my knees in my suit and took him down. He thickened quite a bit at the base so it was hard to get it all - but like riding a bicycle, I didn't forget how. Soon enough - his pubes were tickling my nose.

Yeah - that's me. I missed taking pics of myself servicing guys too. I'm so cheap! But you knew that.

So Office Guy, if I slowed down my bobbing up and down on his nice fat prick, would just lift his hips off the sofa and start to pump my mouth. His right hand would reach around and grab my head as he fed my mouth, pushing his dick past my lips. I took it all too willingly.

I stayed where I was, on my knees, to take what he had to give me. And he HAD to give it to me. And I had to take it. At any cost. It was my time.

I knew he was getting close. He told me prior he had not come in five days. But besides his hip movements and his tightening nuts, the real tip-off was probably him saying, "are you gonna let it all slide down your fuckin' throat?"

I nodded enthusiastically, but never took my mouth from his shaft.

Shortly thereafter, he moaned loudly and spilled his seed into my mouth. Deep into my mouth, but not so deep that it went directly into my throat. No, I got to taste it - which is half the fun.

He groaned with each volley of cum and I took it gladly. I needed it - that seed of life.

When he was done shooting, I pulled off and said, "I told you I'd take it all". Which I did in one of our early emails when asked if I swallowed.

I squeezed the shaft and said, "oh, I didn't get it all......yet" and then licked his head clean. And then did it twice more.

He asked if I wanted to finish off, but I had no desire to jerk off in his trash can. Even if he offered to suck me, I think I would have declined. It wasn't about me getting off. It was back to the way it should be.

As I was walking out, I said - "you have my email, use it". Let's see if he does.

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Very hot!! Nice pic too