Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Load Up My Butt

I do like when things turn around for me - sexually. Naturally for that to happen, I have to turn around - and bend over. But that's good for me. It's good for them. Ultimately, it is good for you, at least if you're a regular follower of this blog.

It's not a new guy, but Mr. Italian or some kind of Spanish who wanted another shot at me. Yes, pun fully intended. The plan was for another guy to be there also to tap my ass in tag-team fashion, but he canceled at the last minute. Me, being me, wondered if he was ever truly scheduled at all.

But I didn't really care. This daddy has a great cock - see ????

...and it isn't even fully hard in this here picture.

I love when a top tries to assert his power and leaves holes in logic a mile wide. "Bring lube!" he texts me. I'm already on the way - and coming from work. I do not have lube with me (I know - I'm a badly prepared bottom without some kind of trick bag in my car!) and tell him I'll have to stop for some but I'll be delayed. The response back is "no delays!!!!"

Bud - you can't have it one way or the other. The next message is, "I have lube". Whatever dude.

I dial the code to get buzzed in and head up to 507. One knock and the door opens. No ceremony, not fuss - I drop my pants and take my dress shirt off. I don't even start by sucking his cock but by laying back on this towel-covered ottoman.

He insisted on using what "little lube" he had left to grease MY dick up.

I didn't want that to happen for a number of reasons - the main one being I didn't want to be tempted to stroke a nice oil-based lubed cock while getting fucked. I didn't want to be the one to cum, though he said he wanted to see me get off.

I know it is unreasonable, but I find the tops power to be diminished when he gives me the permission or wants me to cum. As with this guy, I found the scene to be - he gets off and he kicks me out. Period. I'm not looking for something more.

That being said - it makes for a good picture, but because I do have a nice cock. I can see why other guys want to suck it or bend over for it. I wish it were more of my deal, but it is not.

Mr. Italian did want me to suck him some. So I obliged. That is what I'm there for.

It was hard to suck him and use my camera at arm's length to get this half-assed shot, but in reality, I was never going to show you more anyway. You know I have lips, a chin and facial hair, but you've always known that. And usually when you see that, you see a prick in my mouth.

Soon I was lying back on the ottoman, but he wanted me on all fours. But this time I wanted to be on my back. Yeah, I'm a pushy bottom. He gave in and gave it to me.

I'll give him this, Daddy is always right. The position was a bit uncomfortable for me, not from my back or angle, but man he fucked hard that way and I think since I defied him a bit on which way to get fucked, he was making me pay the price. After about 20 minutes of this......

...we both realized he wasn't going to get off this way. He pulled out, went and opened a window, re-greased up and had me bend over the way he wanted me in the first place.

Invariably, it was a better position for both of us. My flexibility allowed me to have my ass up, my shoulders down and even take my hands to the floor to brace myself for the onslaught that was his fucking style.

From this angle I could also look over my left shoulder a bit up into a series of three wall mirrors and see his face in pure bliss as he pumped my butt. He was loving it and concentrating at the same time. He wanted to come and in our original angle, he wasn't hitting his spots or strides.

I made sure to use my muscles to massage that shaft of his, and I could tell he would respond to that - with verbals and non-verbals.

He is verbal when he comes, but not with words. More with sounds. That's ok. I knew I was getting it anyway. And I got a big load. The kind you could just feel. And like last time, he never paused to let it shoot - he just keep pushing it in with each thrust and the continual fucking.

Like last time, he pulled out and like I walked in, in reverse, I grabbed my pants and shirt and put them on with almost no words and I was out the door. About the only thing missing was the $50 left on the dresser for me.

I'll be back as long as he'll have me back. Here's hoping he has those friends who want to dump their nut too.


cum.lover said...

You're the best what am, friend! Loving you!

Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

Don't you think you should pay him for what he's given you?

CockSearch2009 said...

He wants to pay you?

You're a big enough cumslut that you're not going to demand money. I know that, for sure.

So he just WANTS to give it to you?