Tuesday, September 29, 2009


You know I don't go way out of my way to promote other bloggers - now and again I do.

And you know if I like a blog, I add it to my blogroll. I never add them thinking it will get me more traffic (though if it does.....so be it...), but because I like their tales, their tails or their writing style. It's got to speak to me.

Not much more speaks to me than my newest add: iBLASTinside.

He started following me on Twitter and I returned the favor.

I don't know I inspired him to start a blog in the last few weeks, but he has. Mind you - he had a number of his stories already published out there on other sites and transferred them over to his blog, making for an instant back-log of writings to read for most (I'd already consumed most of those).

Our Twitter exchanges led to some email exchanges and with him I have a kindred spirit. And evil spirit to be sure, but kindred none the less. He's honest about what he does and who he is - mentally and physically. Like me. We both might even be a tad bit hard on ourselves, but I think that works to our advantage.

Check him out - at his blog or in Twitter.


Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

You're the brother I've never fucked... yet. I look forward to planting my seed in your ass.

Thanks for the mention. Now bend over.

Sean said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I spent some time and read all his blogs - hot stuff! It's a nice change of pace to read a total top's bb blog. He has such attitude! I LUV IT.

Mark even turned a question of mine into a full post on poppers!

Glad you're have sex again...missed your posts.

Writer said...

Mark wrote: "You're the brother I've never fucked... yet. I look forward to planting my seed in your ass."

God, I love this. Come on, guys, come breed me. ;)