Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yes, I've been 'outed' here and there - as a blogger. A porn blogger. A sexual deviant. A slut. Call it what you will.

Yes, I've been 'stalked' - but not really. My guest blogger claims to be a stalker of mine, but he's not. Not really. As far as I know anyway....he's never been to my town and I know I've never been to his - except at 80 mph on Amtrak.

And this isn't a blog stalking - this is a Manhunt stalking story.

The other night I was on MH (shock - right?) and I get a message saying (and I will paraphrase):

"you look a lot more fit in person than in your pictures".

I should have let it go - right? But I didn't. I asked the reporter questions: when? who? where? why?

The guy described me to a T on what I was wearing at the gym that very night. ...and how I must have lost a TON of weight. (he upper-cased the 'ton'.) Yes, sweet talking me like that will most certainly get you into my pants.

For the record, I was never fat, but I have lost a bit of weight, but not a ton. Not even 20 pounds. The difference is, I'm more fit. More muscle. Less - dough.

Now, he could have seen me through a door, as for this night in question I was in a class - not just in a weight room. There is a glass door in said class. But I had to press....and he mentioned something about what and how I was doing in this class.

I'm not a guy who gets unnerved easily - and I wasn't now. But then he mentioned that HE was in my class. I never got if he went into it because of me or just was a coincidence. I decided I didn't want to know.

He did throw out - 'you disappeared right after class'. Um....yeah, I had to get home and, oh - I didn't know you were stalking me, so I didn't realize I was supposed to wait around.

Now I'm at a quandary. I had every intention of going to class tomorrow evening when I got a message last night saying: 'you weren't in class tonite'. Yes, I skipped Tuesday's class due to other obligations. But now I know he's in my class - maybe for me, maybe not.

I'm not egotistical - and you'd hardly know it from this blog, but I am a bit discrete. I know a number of people at the gym and in this particular class - do I really want this kind of attention?

I really don't think I do. And I'd really hate to give up my routine.

What to do? WHAT to do?


cum.lover said...

If you're asking for our advice I don't see his stalking as ominous or otherwise negative to your personal safety & well-being. I think he's crying out for attention. He's trying to get a life & doesn't know how to go about it. I suggest you play along with him as though you were eager to meet him. Ask him how you could recognize him, what he will be wearing on such & such a day & whether he would be free to go to Starbucks, for example, with you. In any event, don't let on to him that he's discomfiting you, for in his
mise-en-scène he's clearly sub & you, dom, so don't disappoint him~~discomfiture is unbecoming in a dom. In a nutshell, in my opinion, he's a bottom & is looking for you to top him.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry this guy has gotten into your head!! My experience is weirdos/stalkers (and lets face it, based on his egging you on, he is a stalker) they are like hornets...ignore them and they go away...swat at them and they endlessly buzz around you...if he were "normal" he would have been cooler about his approach...and not so cryptic...and creepy.

elektrocub said...

He seems like someone who may feel a rush from his proximity to an "idol" but can't bring himself to fully engage you face to face... thus probably is an admirer more than a stalker, but is also probably enjoying the tease (and whatever effect it has on you, good or bad). For what it's worth, you've already indulged him here and he's likely reading this thread... so it will likely be telling, how he next reaches out to you...? (btw I've been lurking as a reader for a long time now, but thought I'd comment since this is an interesting conundrum)

Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

Having been truly stalked twice in my life (once by a man, once by a woman) I will say it's not fun. But the other part of it is to not let them fuck with your head. But you knew that.