Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Warehouse Visit

As you might have read in previous installments, I've been becoming a pseudo-regular at this warehouse south of downtown.

It's infrequent, but I'm assuming that's what keeps things somewhat fresh and a little exciting. Mind you - I want more. I always do.

The guy (I have gotten no, and asked for no name) is a married man, mid 40s, blonde hair and a nice 7.5" thick piece of meat. See?

I took this late last week - in picture form and in my mouth.

The more I want of course, would be for him to put it in my ass. But right now he's either not interested or getting the hint. The how could he miss it? Last week he asked if I really liked sucking cock (DUH!). My response was: "I like getting fucked more!".

The last few times he's buzzed me in and I've come up to the administrative offices. If you've ever been in a warehouse setting, you normally know that even those aren't great offices. They are working men with working offices. There are not leather chairs, secretaries outside the office, no suits, no ties.

This last time I got there and the door was propped open. I wasn't too worried as his was the only car there. I wasn't expecting to be surprise attacked. Instinctively, I knew to unprop the door and shut it.

There I noticed the next door was open to the warehouse, and I knew not to go upstairs. I walked into the working man's domain. And there, at the end of a long line of stocked shelves and crates was my feeder, completely naked. Completely hard.

At first I wasn't sure if he had set the nice piece of cardboard on the dirty floor, or if that's just a remnant of the working environment. There was also a step latter on wheels where I'm sure guys could grab stuff off those aforementioned shelves.

I walked over and he told me to strip. I loved the idea of being naked in such a place. Glasses, tie, suit, everything came off. I went to my knees - but only for a few. He stood up on that latter and with me standing, we were cock to mouth. It was a nice touch.

Those were just a few shots of me going down on him. The first one was before I stripped off my shirt, but other than that, I was naked. We were.

The guy has such a great cock - but he's a bit quick on the trigger. Mind you - he probably needed to be home to the wife and kids for dinner. And mind you - he was fucking some faggot's face in his workplace, so he might have good cause to finish up early.

But I do love scenes like this/that.

His cum was ok. Not as big of a load as I'd like, but I'm kind of a greedy pig that way. But of course, I made a show of me swallowing it. You know how guys, especially the married ones, love their juice not being wasted. And I love not wasting it.

Maybe my dry spell is over for a bit. Here's hoping. I need this. I think you want this - as loyal readers, you deserve more.

I'm here to help. : )


Anonymous said...

Damn, I want to see a pic of that hot dick going balls deep up your ass. You know he deserves hot, nasty sex he isn't getting at home. And you deserve to be the fuck slut that gives it to him.

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