Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BJ Town

In this town, it is so much easier to be a top. It is not where my natural tendencies lie, as you already know, but when push comes to shove, one does what one must to empty his nuts.

Case in point - in the last week, I've had my cock sucked three times. THREE times.

Suck job #1 - A guy I normally suck wanted to go down on me. I let him. He was ok, but nothing great. It was not to finish me off, just a break from me sucking him. I did go back to him, but for some unknown reason he pulled out and shot on the floor.

"Did you want that in your mouth?" he asked. My response was, "when have I ever left here without it?" Oy.

#2 was what I would call my regular cocksucker. Imagine - me, a cocksucker, having a cocksucker. He likes to play with my chest when he sucks me. I like it too. But he loves putting his hand in my goatee or taking his hands to feel my feet. If that masculinity stuff helps him, it's ok with me. I don't let him play with himself or get off when I'm there.

I don't when I'm servicing guys, why should he? For as much cock as he sucks he should be better. He's ok but not really good. But he swallows my huge load - so there's that.

The last one was this last Sunday. I went to a park - looking to suck. Alas, it was not to happen. It is the curse of having a big dick.

The guy, who looked like a slightly deranged ex-military guy, was on the edge of the park almost waiting for me...or for some guy, who just happened to be me. We went down an all too familiar path that I've been on - literally and figuratively.

He did have a great mouth. I never asked if he swallowed. I didn't give him the chance. That hand you see on the top of his head was for my control. And I did. I held him on it, and he swallowed.

But I have to get back out there as a cocksucker. Soon.


Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

BJ Town, as you point out, is okay. It's Fuck City that's better. MUCH better.

cb said...

Dude, I know you like to suck, but if presented with your cock in my face... I'd be on my knees PDQ.

Anonymous said...

wow, you have a great cock

Anonymous said...

Your cock is amazing.