Monday, November 16, 2009

WorkPlace BJ

So today I was coming back from a noon-time workout at the gym and walking back to the office.

Outside the office I caught sight of some guy who was having a cigarette and he caught sight of me. ...and you know how it is ........'that look'. The one where you just both know.

He was ok looking. Blond brush cut, slim not bad looking. He walked in the building ahead of me and made sure I had seen him and where he was going. I did. The guy walked a maze of hallways, some of which I had never been to.

I had definitely never been to the restroom he took me too. Out of the way, a partition that was between the urinal area and the actual door. So you could hear someone coming, though there would still be very little time to react if necessary.

We both went to the urinals and unzipped. We both hardened in an instant. But you'd also know this guy was a 110% cocksucker. ....and he wasn't worth going to my knees for - because of his so-so cock and I kind of need my job. I didn't give a shit about his job though.

He went to his knees and took my dick in his mouth. He was ok, but I could only smell his fucking cigarette breath and clothing. And his rancid cologne. Oh - and I think I've said before, the only thing worse than cigarettes are menthol cigarettes.

It didn't take long. I didn't give him an option not to take the load. My big fucking load. He wasn't about to risk getting it on me or his suit. He swallowed it all, like a good boy.

Then he got up to jack off at the urinal. I never looked back at him. I zipped up and walked out.


Sean said...

So the sucker gets fired but the suckee doesn't? How does that work?

underneath said...

Thank`s for sharing all those stories with us.. you horny bastard.