Thursday, November 05, 2009


I think I just interviewed for the position of FuckBuddy.

Formal, but not too formal – though we were both in suits, so kind of formal. And it was done over a meal. But I’ll back up a little.

Remember the hot guy in the shower? Well on Tuesday night I had another encounter with him – in both the sauna and shower. No words, but 70% erections. Neither of us got to full mast, but what a sight that would have been. The gym was busier than I thought it should be, so I was trying to be discrete.

As I was toweling off, still in the shower area, he rubbed my ass. His discretion was less so than mine.

I went out to dress myself and he soon followed. As it turns out, his locker was right behind mine. He took his time dressing as I sat on the bench with his big fucking dick right in front of me. He knew it. I knew it. But where we were was not conducive to do anything about that – even for a second.

We finished dressing at the same time and walked out together. He asked if I was free for lunch the next day and I accepted. Somewhere during this walk he disclosed his marital status (divorced) and that he knows he could never be in a relationship as he knows he is too selfish. Talk about a match made in heaven!

He was setting me up for the reaction and he got what he needed: someone in it for the fuck.

Lunch was nice and informative. We started on the topic of sex, a bit, deviated to daily life stuff: work, some history of each other and where we were coming from, and then as he said, ‘lets get back to the lurid’.

Divorced with three grown kids, he looks great for a man who came out at 50 (which was six years ago), he is a recovered/recovering drug addict and alcoholic – but I suspect his cross addiction might be sex. Who am I to judge?

He dated/lived with some guy for four years and decided he cannot be monogamous – it is not who he is. If he was looking for a reaction to see my disappointment, he’d get none. He got none. Like me, he does not equate sex with love – though he was careful not to say without emotion.

This is a powerful Italian man. I think most of the things he does is done with emotion, on some level. But if he is selfish, I’m ok with it if that extends to the bed. Knowing what I know about him, he is used to being in charge and getting his way. And now he has a clearer direction of who he is and what he wants from life.

I am one of those things.

Yes….a thing. My words, not his, but I think the intent was clear.

He mentioned watching me in the gym for months and wondering if, how and when to approach. I had seen him, but never would have suspected that he was gay, or that he’d be remotely interested in me. Fail on two levels for me.

I got a big bonus when he mentioned how he thought I had a great body. I mean, he does, so he has an idea. Yes, I’ve been working on mine for months now, but the progress is too slow and gradual for me to see a difference. But someone did….or is talking bullshit to get what he wants. Right now it’s working for me.

So it got down to some logistics. Not the ‘what are you into?’ shit – it never got to that. More like, dates, times, places we would and could do this.

As it turns out, we got some BS out of the way, discussed the interest and viability for a potential partnership and if I was good enough to fill the position – so to speak.

I make no bones about it – but this was an interview to see if I was the candidate of choice, both for him and myself.

I think I’ve just been hired as FuckBuddy.

There is no pay, but the benefits will be totally worth it.


Anonymous said...

men are made to make babies with women.
male to male is wrong and heinous.
think for a minute what you are doing.

Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

He must know that you may be "employed" elsewhere as well.

Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

I agree. Men are made to make babies. I make babies all the time. Unfortunately, I make ass babies. I deposit my cum in the asses and hope for the best.

Please, BikeGuy13 and others: It is imperative that you clean your manginas out to make room for the babies. Thanks.

Sean said...

Hey Anon - I hope you never jo and that you are married and that every single time you and your wife have sex it is for the sole purpose of having a baby and that you can emotionally, physically, financially and lovingly afford all the children you have. That is what you are saying.

BTW - how regularly do you read gay sex blogs? It's a bummer that most of the magazines aren't sold at the newsstands anymore.

Sean said...

I'm very excited for your sex and blogging life. Can't wait to read about the first "assignment."

The best FB I ever had was Sal - a beefy Long Island Italian. We met in a bathroom at Hofstra University (neither of us were students). He was a great kisser and introduced me to the wonderful world of poppers.

Anonymous said...

To Anon. I think about it for more than a minute. I think about it ALL the time. Men on men, not just man on man, but MEN, COUNTLESS MEN on other MEN, fucking, sucking, breeding, sharing sperm, grunting, slurping, being the fucking MALE animals they are.

Women are hot, and should be treated respectfully and as the sexual creatures they are. Some men are more apt to fuck women. BUT, ALL MEN, when confronted with pure raw sex, will have sex with other men. It's not wrong...unless by "wrong" you mean hot, natural, and the best sex a man will ever have (with another man), and as far as heinous goes, goddamn right it's heinous! It's carnal! It's nasty! It's hardcore! It's MEN BEING MEN. We are heinous pigs!