Sunday, April 04, 2010

Make it Stop

I can't say I was raped. Not in anyway shape or form.

Here's what I can say - I understand how people deal with the act of having sex with someone they'd rather not and how you hear about rape victims just closing their eyes and waiting/hoping for it to be over.

I was out of town. He messaged me on ManHunt. The description was nice, the pictures were promising. But real life has a way of fucking with that perception.

The man was african-american and had some really nice pictures. But in reality, he was not all that pleasant to look at or be with. Why I didn't just send him away, I do not know. I just didn't.

He wanted to kiss and I would have with the guy in the pics, who were him - so he didn't really misrepresent, he just had a really really good photographer.

He wanted to eat out my ass and sure, I allowed that. But his stubble was so wiry that it actually annoyed my ass. Of course, this was an hour after the Cowboy guy beat the shit out of it, so that might have had something to do with it, but only a little something.

And speaking of "little somethings" the penis wasn't what he said it was, or he's unable to use a tape measure accurately. 6" tops.

So he wanted to fuck me and I wanted him to go, so we compromised. I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes and he fucked me. The only somewhat urging I did was to ask him to fuck me harder and faster because, well it would be over sooner. I needed it to be over.

I needed a cock and a load, but at what cost?

He had to know what was up, right - because I wasn't. Not in the slightest, nor did I attempt to manually try to get me there.

Listen guys, you know this blog is about the good and the bad. I had an incredible scene in the same room, same town a few hours before - anything else should have paled in comparison, but this one was just bad no matter what you put it up against.

I'd say: 'live and learn' but I rarely do. I take my chances. I gamble. Sometimes I lose.


Sean said...

Sorry you had a bad experience. I would say what you did was a pity fuck. They're not fun for either person and I think it is mostly something a bottom can do cause if you're the top and don't want to fuck, it won't stay hard.

I had an experience once with my bf. I didn't realize until it was almost over that he wasn't into it and just let me have him. I felt very unclean after and have since chosen to walk away rather than feel/or cause someone to feel like that again.

CockSearch2009 said...

Oh, damn. I've been there. You're being a stand-up guy, a man of your word. And you're having no fun whatsoever.

I've been there.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see you know your place. You are just a hole.