Friday, April 02, 2010

Tuff as Nails

Just saw your post. free here until 8pm or tmrw morning if you are around. horny masc bi verbal guy, real discrete. 5'8, 175, 38yrs. shaved head, thick beard, safe, ddf. thick five, sweet ass, three day load.'Safe' is a relative term.

His was a reply from a CL ad I posted while traveling for work. He was the last of my responders - hours after the fact - and as it turns out the only viable reply.

His picture was accurate, his stats were dead-on, especially the beard. Well groomed, it was, but thicker than I had ever seen on a man. It was to the point that I had to run my hand through it during our encounter. He didn't mention perfect teeth, which he had, and used to smile for pleasure and evil.

A little background: I normally post for guys who are aggressive and verbal to be a plus. I do that to try to get guys with a pulse. Usually you get barely get the "oh yeah, suck my cock..." and even then it's fairly anemic.

So even without that low benchmark, this guy would have blown everyone out of the water - with both aggression and verbally demeaning skills. The shaved head, perfect teeth and manly beard just added to the entire thing.

He knocked. I opened. He came in and started stripping. He talked about cocksuckers he knew from Toledo, Akron, and other NE Ohio cities, but never one from Cleveland. I wanted to give him one to talk about.

Immediately he took over. His mouth ran over with filth that I wish I could remember. If you recall when I talked about M, when I'm enamoured, I tend to get lost in the detail. Too lost. And to be honest, the way it all spilled out of his mouth - I could not do it, or him, justice in writing.

Like artists who can paint masterpieces with a brush, this man did it with words. Dirty dirty words.

He's also "aggressive" - in words and deeds.

I got down on my knees and he leaned against the wall, but before I could start my blowjob, he spit on my face. Big time.....and with aggression.

I know it is not everyone's cup of tea, but it turns me on and puts me in my place in a sexual/non-sexual kind of way. What I loved about it was, we had never discussed anything other than what was in the ad and he had me pegged - completely.

I did an expert job of blowing him - ask anyone. Definitely ask the people in adjoining room 1822. There is no way they didn't hear all of this. Every little bit.

"Cowboy" talked about the Ohio guys who had blown him and slipped in one who ate his hole great. I'm not saying he was manipulative to plant that in my head, but it certainly gave me the opening to snack on his ass.....and a challenge to do it better than that other guy. But I probably did play right into his hands - or ass, as it were.

This guy turned out to be all about getting his ass eaten. Lucky me. Lucky him. I ate, sucked, licked, lapped, tongued, tongue-fucked and kissed that hole for about 45 minutes. He was much cleaner when he left then when he walked in.

For most of the time he sat on my face, covering both my mouth and nose with his rump - and let me tell you, he did not give one care if I could get oxygen or not. He knew this was about him and not me. Good for him - bad for the air supply to my brain, but you do what you have to.

At some point I do remember him mentioning he'd like his girlfriend to see this so she'd know what it meant to eat ass. I don't know whether to believe he liked women or not (but here's hoping!) and I told him to bring her by - and that I'd show her!

The word "faggot" fell out of his mouth a lot and with ease and vile. Again, a huge turn-on for me. But he was aggressive and not just with unintended breath control. The man had a strong hand.

One reason things got a bit fuzzy was my lack of hearing. The man smacked me around so hard and so often there was a lot of ringing in my ears. His bending me over like he was going to fuck me (I knew he wouldn't though) was a good case to be more limber. He had me on my back but legs so far up and over that I actually ended up doing an unintentional somersault off the bed.

In all of this melee, at some point he had me on my belly and decided to start slapping my ass. Well - spanking it and hard! Beet red hard. He made sure to hit the exact same place over and over and over to get the maximum burn and hurt. I struggled but he didn't care that much and to be honest, I wasn't trying to get away that hard. I'm an almost 190 lb guy who works out a lot. If I didn't want to be there, I wasn't gonna be there.

There was additional smacking around - many body parts. He did mention that he had been frustrated all day and needed this kind of release. I was happy to provide it for him. There was additional ass eating, more spit and more cocksucking too. Oddly enough - no kissing! (i kid i kid - there was NEVER going to be any kissing!)

But he did get me on my back and fuck my face for the last time.....and this time to dump his load in me. I held it in my mouth and as I do so often, took his hand to my throat so he could feel me swallow his seed.

It was a risky move with this guy and he teetered. He did grab the the throat and felt it and that dazzling smile came over his face when he realized what I did it for, but that smile went from glee to sinister a bit and he kept squeezing and a bit harder. I wasn't really that worried, but he was a stranger and you just never know.

He got up and hit the hotel shower and to be honest, I stood there and watched him, mostly because he was a very good specimen to watch.

As he dressed, I did what I felt was necessary and just knelt in the room. Before he left, he came over and without any discussion points about this, I got one more hard smack across the face and big wad of spit on it too. Then he was gone.

Epilogue: the next day he emailed me telling me to get a big dildo and to be thirsty. He also left a time, but with my work schedule it was not going to work out - either me getting an opportunity to buy a dildo or even meeting up. The 'thirst' thing intrigued me though - at least from him.

I also found that my right shoulder was badly bruised in some kind of play we engaged in. He told me not to be a crybaby about it. I told him I wasn't - that it was a badge of honor!


The Breeder said...

Fuck, that was a hot entry.

Buck said...

Avid reader of your blog, here.. Never felt the need to comment, but this one hit home! I had a situation similar to this last year with a sexy hot yoga instructor... He spit, and slapped and well, you get the idea...

Made me realize how much i like being abused. Totally friggin hot!

CockSearch2009 said...

OMG, my cock just ripped out the front of my jeans. I've head all the elements of what you've just described, but never all in one place.

I gotta go take a cold shower.

LeatherSkinBikerChgo said...

That encounter was hot as fuck, son. I enjoy hearing about that hot guy abusing you. It was all about him. And that is exactly as it should be. I'm glad he bruised you up, and you're right--it is a badge of honor. Wear it proudly, cocksucking faggot. 15.